CAMTEL releases Judith Yah’s breathtaking achievements in four years.

Given the mountain of challenges in all domains of public life in the country, the perception of a few pessimists when Judith Yah Sunday Achidi was appointed General Manager of the Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL, was “will she be up to the task?” Her detractors had cited her gentle mien, which they believed, and wrongly so, did not fit into the mould of an astute public manager.

But four years and counting at the helm of CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday, who has over 25 years of experience in governance and development of public enterprises, is now being endeared by even her detractors.

Since picking up the coveted position of CAMTEL in December 2018 via a presidential fiat, the Telecommunications expert has initiated new policies to raise the ante in the growth of the country’s telecoms giant.

Immediately she assumed duties in 2018, Judith Yah Sunday hit the ground running by embarking on reforms to position CAMTEL as the telecoms leader in the Central Africa sub region.

She has since brought finesse and dynamism within CAMTEL management.

Little wonder, her administration has increased the tempo of the infrastructural development of the state-run company.

Her four years at the helm of the institution has witnessed massive construction and infrastructural revamping.

Details of her landmark achievements at the head of CAMTEL was the crux of a press briefing organised yesterday Wednesday, January 18 in Yaounde.

Newsmen at the meeting were briefed by staff of the Communications department of the state corporation.

While presenting a catalogue of Judith Yah’s achievements in four years, the Communications department recalled that days after her installation at the head of CAMTEL, management of the company “defined a strategic orientation broken down into three phases: 2019: stabilisation and relaunch; 2020-2022: consolidation and expansion; 2023-2025: sub-regional leadership in digital transformation”.

They said the focus of the Judith Yah-led management has been to position CAMTEL as a leader in digital transformation in Africa by 2030.

In four years, CAMTEL under Judith Yah Sunday’s leadership has created Business Units, BUs, through the granting of concession agreements in the Mobile, Fixed-line and Transport segments.

“The process of empowerment of these three entities is continuing serenely with, as proof, the enlargement of their scope of action during the Board of Directors meeting on 29 and 30 December 2021, notably through their own budgets and a refined development plan,” said a document handed to reporters at the news conference.

Same document also disclosed that “in the near future, the BUs will be strong subsidiaries and should raise CAMTEL to a new level of efficiency”.

Meanwhile, still as part of efforts to consolidate CAMTEL’s role as leader in the telecoms sector, a commercial brand dubbed “Blue” was on August 19, 2021 launched.

"Blue is the umbrella brand that is positioned directly against the local competition in everything it will offer to the customer (at home, in the office…),” explained the document handed to newsmen.


Big win for CAMTEL, Cameroon

Another high moment of Judith Yah Sunday’s current tenure as CAMTEL General Manager was her election in 2021 as President of the Association of Telecommunications operators of the central African sub region.

She was overwhelmingly elected by her peers without any trace of objection at the close of a two-day general assembly of the Association of Telecommunications Operators of the central Africa sub region.

The association is made up of incumbent operators of Cameroon, Angola, Chad, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Burundi and the Central Africa Republic.

In her inaugural speech, Judith Yah Sunday had said she will commit all her energy for the building of a better connected sub region.


Taking fast, affordable network closer to clients

It makes sense to state boldly that Judith Yah Sunday’s goal as head of CAMTEL has been ensuring that Cameroonians enjoy telecoms services at affordable rates.

In this direction, on April 22, 2021, CAMTEL signed a framework agreement with authorities of the Bafoussam City Council to enable the city to become the very first "Smart City” in Cameroon.

Through the agreement, CAMTEL has since been helping the municipality to have internet connection, a citizen's information portal, a presence on social networks, a toll-free number, a wifi zone and an online library, amongst others.

The deal will also include other offers such as video surveillance, digitisation of tax payments and geolocation.


Outstanding performance

Unarguably, Judith Yah’s achievements at the helm of CAMTEL have been breathtaking.

In 2021, the state-owned company was ranked 11th in Cameroon in terms of turnover.

This was according to the 2021 report of the National Institute of Statistics.

The renowned body had ranked CAMTEL among the good performers in the public domain.

Between 2019 and 2021, the company gained two points (+2) for a turnover of +37.2 billion FCFA.

In the ranking of the 15 best companies, CAMTEL came in the 11th position ahead of SONARA, SODECOTON and Afriland First Bank.

The progress, it was gathered, is the result of the dynamics set in motion by the entire staff.

The performances have enabled CAMTEL to be ranked as

First Category Company, according to MINFI Order of January 3, 2023.

According to another ranking early this year, CAMTEL was ranked 5th company with high potential in 2021.

This month, the Technical Commission for the rehabilitation of public and para-public sector enterprises, CTR in a report on the situation of public enterprises and public establishments in 2021 had ranked CAMTEL amongst top performing state companies.

The classification was based on companies that have achieved a positive operating result and net result as at December 31, 2021, with positive equity and, where applicable, dividends generated.

CAMTEL came 5th place out of 18 players surveyed.

The CAMTEL’s turnover in 2021 was 151,059,715,836 FCFA while the operating result was 17,856,505,316 FCFA.

Its net result was 7,250,100,557 FCFA.


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