Kumba: Nfon Mukete donates land to Bassa community in Kumba to build hall.

The Nfon of Kumba and paramount ruler of the Bafaw, Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko, has donated a piece of land to the Bassa community in Kumba for the construction of their town hall.

The Bassa community came calling at the Nfon's palace last Saturday March 11. The visit was to present their new leader and to wish happy New Year to the Nfon and his family.

Speaking at the event, which took place at the courtyard of the Nfon's palace, the Spokesperson for the Bassa community, Sheriff Bailiff Dicoum Njiki Sadrack, said the Bassa people, who have been in Kumba for over a century, have grown in number and think that they should have a community hall where they will be able to hold their meetings.

They also came to thank the Nfon for his kindness towards non-natives and to wish him good tidings.

Sheriff Bailiff Dicoum Njiki Sadrack said: “The Bassa community, two weeks ago, elected its leader and came to present him to the paramount ruler of the Bafaw. We think we can foster the development of the town by building a community hall”.

On his part, the leader of the Bassa community, Badga Djento, said after the death of their former leader some 25 years ago, the community came to look for a new leader and finally chose him.

He promised to rally his tribesmen for the socioeconomic development of Kumba and pledged to continue assisting their host, the Bafaw. Badga thanked the Nfon for opening the doors of the palace to them and promised to continue in their own little way to contribute positively to the development of Kumba.

Responding to the Bassa community, Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko, thanked them for the visit and said the Bassa people are not only very special to him but are also his in-laws.

The Bafaw ruler said he was particularly delighted to know that most of the people that make up the Bassa community are men of timbre and calibre, especially in the security forces, reason he hopes to continue working with the community for posterity.

He recounted how the earliest Bassa people, who came to Kumba, worked and lived peacefully with the population of Kumba. “I have known the Bassa people for very long, even before I got married to my wife...they are great and committed people,” Nfon Mukete said.


Mankon community extends love to Nfon Mukete

Meanwhile, much earlier, the Mankon community, led by its community head, calling at the Nfon’s palace.  The delegation had messages of goodwill to the Nfon Mukete. They were at the Nfon’s palace to wish him a happy New Year and extend love to him and his family.

The Mankon people also went to extend a message of their traditional ruler, Fo Agwafor IV, to Nfon Mukete.

They pledged their loyalty and unconditional support to the Nfon and the palace and promised their contribution to the development of Kumba.

The Mankon people also requested for land for the construction of a community hall while congratulating the Nfon for winning The Guardian Post Achievement Award for peace and stability that will help to make Kumba great again.

The series of audiences also saw the Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko receiving the Muslim youth. The series of marathon audiences at the Nfon's palace were rounded off by the Mankwi people of Bafut Sub-division living in Kumba.

The last group of people were filled with joy after one of theirs was appointed as a quarter head in Kumba.



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