Shey Jones says CPDM is social gathering for Donga Mantung sons & daughters.

The Permanent Divisional Coordinator of the ruling Cameroon People

Shey Jones Yembe made the declaration in Nkambe Sunday March 12. The CPDM party bigwig was speaking after the ruling party defeated the SDF party at the Senatorial election at the level of Donga Mantung.

The CPDM recorded a 100% victory at the Senatorial election in the division after scoring 170 votes against zero for the SDF at the close of the polls Sunday.

"We are not doing politics for politics, we are doing politics for development. And so, we can say we are on a good footing,” a visibly happy and satisfied Shey Jones Yembe said Sunday as other party officials and sympathisers were celebrating the brilliant results recorded.

The Divisional Coordinator called on all and sundry to join the moving train of the CPDM party for the development and progress of the Division.

“I am going to ask everybody from Donga Mantung that, wherever you were before, the CPDM door is open," the German-trained engineer of international repute, told those who might be interested in joining the ranks of the ruling party.

Shey Jones Yembe told doubting Thomases that there is democracy in the CPDM and it’s a party that will permit everyone to find his/her feet in society.

"We are not considering the CPDM as a political party, we consider the CPDM as a social gathering of sons and daughters of Donga Mantung Division,” the former member of government averred.

Harping on the conduct of the elections, the celebrated elite of Donga Mantung and CEMAC Commissioner, said the party is very satisfied with the level of participation of the various stakeholders in the process.

"You can see that out of 180 voters we expected at the polls, 171 were present," he said, clarifying that those who could not participate were either sick or held back for one reason or other.

Of the 171 councillors who cast their votes, the CPDM got 170 votes while one of the votes was declared invalid. This gave a 95% participatory rate at the polls in Donga Mantung.

While waiting for the official declaration of the results, CPDM officials of Donga Mantung have already begun celebrating the feat recorded at the polls as the party got 100% as against 0% for the opposition SDF party.


Shey Jones Yembe: The force tranquille of Donga Mantung CPDM

Shey Jones Yembe, who is also the Board Chairman of the Port Authority of Douala and LABOGENIE, though being the hidden hand behind the complete transformation of Donga Mantung from an SDF stronghold to a CPDM bastion, never makes noise about it.

The new generation of CPDM politicians who, today, call the shots in Donga Mantung; Hon Ngala Gerard, Hon Mbongnyor Naomi Ngando, Musa Shey Nfor (Nkambe mayor) and Kanfon Abdou Borno (Ndu mayor), were groomed and financially empowered by Shey Jones.

Though rarely seen at CPDM ceremonies in Donga Mantung, the usually discreet CPDM pillar, many have attested, is second to none when it comes to quietly bankrolling CPDM activities in his Division of origin.

Nkambe Central Subdivision, it should be recalled, remains the only administrative unit in the entire North West and South West Regions, that has never witnessed even an hour of ghost town, since the Anglophone crisis erupted in 2016.

Many have given credit to this uncommon feat to Shey Jones, who is equally hailed for spearheading back-to-school campaigns; coupled with the donation of didactic materials and huge financial support to promote effective schooling in the entire Donga Mantung Division.   



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