Orange Cameroun thrills population at Mt Cameroon Race of Hope.

Leading telecoms giant, Orange Cameroun, left thousands of people who streamed into Buea, Fako Division of the South West Region thrilled, given the new touch it brought to the 2023 Mt Cameroon Race of Hope.

The event which marked the 50th anniversary of the race, received a special touch from Orange Cameroun, official sponsor of the race in several ramifications.

A day to the 28th edition of the race which took place on Saturday February 25, Orange Cameroun organised a crowd-pulling event at the esplanade of the Molyko Ominisport Stadium. This was on Friday February 24.

As the activities went underway in Buea, Gisela Musi Lum, Project Management Officer, Marketing and Communication Department of Orange Cameroun, restated the company’s commitment to enable the population get the best.

She had talked of the memories of the race 50 years down the road, which Orange Cameroun helped the population to relive in an atmosphere of joy.

Orange Cameroun brought several musicians who thrilled the thousands of people that turned up for the race. Among the artiste were; Ko-C, Maxy Manor and Nyangono du Sud.

Musi Lum told The Guardian Post that: “Orange Cameroun as sponsor and key stakeholder in this race, we thought it wise to bring to the people something they love and share in common”.

Orange Cameroun, she added, “gave the population a concert and the people danced and turned musical displays by artists into a choral display”.


Population hails Orange Cameroun for outstanding prizes

Given the bonanza in the form of prizes and cash awarded to several clients and persons who took part in activities which Orange Cameroun organised, the population did not stop showering praises on the telecoms giant.

Lucky participants at the event won prizes ranging from smart television sets to a cash prize of one million FCFA.

Ayong Gaelle, who won a television set thanked Orange Cameroun for giving her the opportunity to enjoy quality images.

On his part, Taka Atabe Ashu, winner of one million FCFA, said Orange Cameroun, has helped him to meet his pressing needs.

“I am happy to be a proud winner of the one million challenge put up by Orange Cameroun. This award will help me achieve things I had not been able to do because of the lack of money,” Atabe Ashu.


Orange Cameroun wants people to achieve their dreams

Gisela Musi Lum, Project Management Officer, Marketing and Communication Department of Orange Cameroun, reiterated that the prizes and money won is to show her company’s commitment to help people achieve their dreams.

“Orange wants everyone to have the opportunity to be whoever they want,”  Musi Lum said, adding that, “that is why for the television sets, the one million francs CFA prize, there was no hard challenge, but just the presence of all during the evening activities”.


Miss Mt Race competition

The Miss Mountain Race competition is another innovation Orange Cameroun brought to the race this year. The first person won a prize of 350,000 FCFA, the second person, 250,000 FCFA while the third person received a cheque of 100,000FCFA.

Apart from traditional musical displays, officials of Orange Cameroun said, the goal was to unite the people together around their culture.

Orange Cameroun also dressed winners of the race in both male, female and junior categories of this year’s Mountain Race. They were dressed in Orange Cameroun-supplied with t-shirts and caps. They were also given cash prizes.


The best is yet to come

Musi Lum assured the public that, irrespective of the outstanding branding and joy Orange Cameroun gave Cameroonians this year, this best is yet to come.

In 2024, she said, “the population should expect Orange Cameroun to do better next year. We are always about persisting to the top and it is not just the top of the mountain, but persisting to the top of any challenge or life objective”.

Musi also said: “We are going to come back better. It can only get better with Orange Cameroun”.

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