Assassination of Martinez Zogo: Pressure mounts on gov’t for justice.

Following the abduction and assassination of renowned Yaoundé-based radio journalist, Martinez Zogo, pressure has been mounting on the government for justice. Zogo’s death has sparked waves of reactions from across the board.

The station manager of Amplitude FM in Yaoundé, and host of the well-known interactive radio slot, “Embouteillages”, was found dead, Sunday January 22, in an advanced state of decomposition.

Following his tragic demise, some prominent political figures in Cameroon, civil society members as well as music icons have taken turns to express their discontentment.

They have called on competent authorities to ensure that perpetrators behind the macabre act are brought to book. 

In a tweet, Sunday January 23, the President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC, Prof Maurice Kamto, pointed out that, the dead of Martinez Zogo, is an indication of the country’s prevailing rate of insecurity under the current regime.  

“This January 22, unbearable images and snippets of information on social network suggest that the worst would have happened to radio host Martinez Zogo, kidnapped for several days ago by unidentified gunmen” he said.  

“If this information is confirmed, it would be proven that every Cameroonian citizen is in total insecurity under the declining CPDM regime. We demand a statement from the government on January 22, to validate or confirm the rumour of the assassination of Mr Martinez Zogo” he added.

Another former presidential aspirant and member of parliament, Honourable Cabral Libih, also reacted.


Calls heighten for immediate investigation

In his twitter and Facebook pages, the president of the Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation, PCRN, called for an immediate investigation into Martinez Zogo’s demise.

He also stressed that results of their findings should be made available as soon as possible.

“I learnt with great astonishment the new of the cowardly assassination of radio host Martinez Zogo. At this moment an immense anger and an indescribable disgust invaded my body and mind,” Libii said.

He added that, “In a land of justice and in broad day light, a media man is kidnapped, tortured and coldly murdered in the most indifference and inadmissible cowardice of authorities and public securities. A shocking level of barbarism of this regime has just been crossed. How can we take the lives of Cameroonians hostage for a struggle for control of opinions and heritage of this country? Who will be next on the list of those sacrificed for their clan wars?” Libii questioned.  

The youthful politician had insisted that “We cannot go on like this anymore. We can no longer watch with folded arms the slow decomposition of our country. Whatever our political ideologies, and our difference in opinions, I call on all Cameroonians engage in mediation and support in the memory of Martinez Zogo. I ask the authorities to make public without delay the results of the investigation of this brutal murder”.

To Honourable Jean Michel Nintcheu of the SDF, “this cruel attack on freedom of the press is unacceptable and intolerable. It cannot go unpunished”.

The SDF Littoral MP believes Martinez Zogo died because of his convictions.

“It's called crime. It's a felony case. His justified and noble determination to discover the truth about Chapters 65, 94 and 57 of the General State Budget cost him his life. He died because of what he knew. Victim of what he knew about these budgetary chapters. Victim of what he published. Victim of what he obviously intended to publish later in view of his determination,” Nintcheu wrote on Facebook. 

In a short tweet, former Bar Council president, Barrister Akere Muna, said, “The abduction and assassination of Martinez Zogo, a journalist, leaves me horrified. Integrity in our country is gone. Impunity is the rule. Clearly, this land is losing its soul. The practice of dehumanization that started in the North West and South West is now modus vivendi”.

There have been several other reactions from Musical icons like Bikutsi duo Lady Ponce, and K-Tino also voiced out their frustration on their Facebook pages.


Bar Council reacts

The Cameroon Bar Council has also joined its voice in condemning the macabre killing of the media practitioner.

The Bar President, Mbah Eric Mbah, in a statement issued yesterday, said it “condemns the abduction and brutal killing of Arsene Salomon Mbani Zogo”.

He noted that the abduction and subsequent killing of Zogo shows the level of security in the country’s major cities.

“The Bar notes with regret the fact that a general atmosphere of insecurity is steadily taking over our cities, characterised by frequent killings of citizens,” he stated, recalling the recent murder in cold blood of one of theirs, Barrister Diboma, in Douala, amongst many unknown and unreported cases.

The Bar Council president urged the forces of law and order and other investigation units to prove their worth by tracking down the perpetrators of the gruesome act.



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