PAWA: The new digital feature that makes life easier for Orange subscribers.

Launched earlier this month in the nation's economic capital, the feature PAWA which enables users to convert their call bundles into data and vice versa, is highly appreciated by its numerous users who can access the new option anytime via the My Orange App.

Through this innovative option, Orange Cameroun reiterates in the face of the world, its incessant commitment to make life easier, faster and above all more comfortable for its customers.  

According to Grace Ornella Kedi, a youth in Douala who has begun using the PAWA offer, this is the most interesting thing Orange Cameroun has done for its customers.

She added that the new service will really make things easier for her given that in the past she was always constrained by situations where she had to buy call bundles separately before buying data bundles.

Thanks to PAWA this stressful and costly process is over.  

With PAWA, customers do not only have the possibility to convert their data and call bundles as they desire but they can equally extend its validity, an evidence the PAWA given to them is in their hands.  

Yves Kom, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at Orange Cameroun, affirms that the introduction of PAWA was a response to their customers who had on several occasions expressed the need for such transactions to be made possible. Thus, they thought it wise to give the power in the hands of customers via this digital revolution. 

At Orange Cameroun, customers are Kings and Queens. That is why more PAWA and control is given to them by the telecommunications giant.  

It is important to recall that Orange has always offered the best options to customers through numerous actions geared towards the wellbeing of its customers and the best is still to come, added Yves Kom, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at Orange


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