At visit to electricity project sites: Energy minister orders contractors to speed up works to boost supply nationwide.

The minister of water and energy, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, has ordered contractors handling different electricity projects in the Lekie and Mfoundi divisions of the Centre region to step up work so as to boost electricity supply nationwide soonest.

The minister was speaking Friday, January 20. This was shortly after visiting the various project sites.  Eloundou Essomba and his team visited Ndokoa, a locality in Lekié which plays host to the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam as well as Emana Batchenga site.

After the Emana site in Batchenga, the team went to Nyom II. At the Nyom II site, the minister held a meeting with contractors. The minister saluted the road covered but asked for more verve to be pumped into the works to meet the prescribed deadline.

President Paul Biya, Eloundou Essomba said, embarked on the project to handle the power shortages witnessed in some parts of the country. The minister put the level of works at 80 percent. He further disclosed that by December 2023, the first machines will be put to service.

He also talked of fresh instructions handed to officials of the electricity transportation company, SONATREL and Nachtigal Hydro Power Company, NHPC to ensure power from the Nachtigal dam is connected to the South network before the end of 2023.

The Nachtigal hydro power Dam

The dam consist of a conventional spillway; a 4.5 MW footprint and a roller-compacted concrete section of 1380 meters long; 13.5 meters high wall on the Sanaga River; a 3.3 km long intake canal; a power plant equipped with 7 turbines of 60 MW each; a 50 km long 225,000 V transmission line between the Nachtigal site and Nyom II and an operating compound that houses the technical teams of Nachtigal Hydro Power Company, NHPC.

The engineering works accordingly stand at 81,6%; electromechanical works 75,9% while the transmission line is at 100 percent.

The project would be completed by 2024. The Nachtigal dam is expected to supply nearly 30% of the country’s electricity consumption.


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