MINCOM envoy hails The Guardian Post for outstanding growth, professionalism.

The Ministry of Communication has through her Divisional Delegate for Mfoundi in the Centre region, Emmanuel Gustave Samnick, saluted The Guardian Post for unfolding professionalism and growth.

Samnick led a delegation to The Guardian Post head office at the Efoulan-Lac vicinity in Yaounde, January 19.

He also situated the visit as being meant to build a good relationship and permanent dialogue to improve the media landscape. Sammick saluted The Guardian Post as a media house for staying objective and maintaining inspiring growth in a challenging environment.

“I congratulate the management and staff for a job well done, because I also read The Guardian post regularly. There is a lot of information. It is a model as a newspaper in our country and you publish from Monday to Sunday,” he added.

He charged staff of The Guardian Post to maintain high standards. “Don’t give up, just continue, I know there a lot of difficulties in this business but when you trust in your job and when you respect rules and regulations and the deontology, every other thing will fall in place. Believe in the future because journalism will never disappear,” the delegate stated.

The Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian Post, Ngah Christian Kristian thanked the delegate for visiting before presenting the media house and her staff.

The Publisher noted that The Guardian Post has a staff strength of 45personnel including those at the Secretariat and the printing press.

Ngah reiterated that in 22 years of existence, workers of   the institution have never gone for a month without pay. “The management tries its best to ensure the personnel are comfortable, even with the little they receive, we make sure it is consistent,” he said.

The Guardian Post, the publisher said, has over 12,000 independent subscribers of her electronic version plus a daily print run of between 3000 and 5000 of which 75 percent has already been bought upfront.

He further said, “we have the best reporters who do an excellent job keeping the public up to date with information and they quite understand too”.

Ngah urged the divisional delegate to help the state understand the place of a vibrant press in every democracy. “You are the right person at the right place, having practiced journalism you better understand the plea of the journalists. We believe that you will better explain our problem to the powers that be”.

The divisional delegate promised to do his best stating that: “I don’t know for how long I will be in office, but while I am there, I will try my best…”. The official also talked about his quest to identify journalists from the madding crowd of quacks.

After a working session, the delegate and his collaborators were taken round the different services of The Guardian Post.

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