Minister Bello Bouba unveils plans to continue dynamising tourism sector.

The Ministry of Tourism and Leisure has unveiled plans to effectively consolidate government’s plans to continue dynamising the tourism and leisure sectors in the country.

The Minister of State, Minister of Tourism and Leisure, Bello Bouba Maigari, made the announcement on Wednesday, January 18.

This was during a joint one-day annual conference organised for the structure’s centralised and devolved services and the presentation of New Year wishes to the minister.

These massive efforts championed by the Head of State, Paul Biya, the minister announced, will be effectively bolstered by the ministry this year.

This, he said, will further better the sector through improvements in infrastructural projects, organisation of tourism and leisure campaigns and participation in tourism-oriented activities across the globe.

These projects, he stated, will be championed by massive financial and other investments worth billions of Francs CFA in the various sectors.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Leisure will be carrying out numerous internal and external projects in three main areas, the promotion of tourism and leisure, participation in world tourism events and improvement on our infrastructures,” Bello Bouba said.

“In the domain of promotion, the ministry will be organizing activities, notably national campaigns, internal tourism, sectorial tourism and leisure. We will also be participating in world tourism and the production of promotional films producing tourism,” he added.

The leisure sector, he stated, will be bolstered amongst others by the holding of leisure events and the promotion of such behaviors among Cameroonians.

According to the Minister of State, the ministry’s activities will also be focused on projects aimed at carrying out construction and maintenance works leisure spots in selected areas across the national territory through the development of hotels and other leisure facilities.

One of the major projects in the maintenance schemes will be the continuation of works at the state-run Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda in the North West region which has in the last few months been under renovation works.

“The ministry will also be carrying out maintenance works in facilities like the Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda. There will also be the completion of construction works at the Ebolowa Park in the South region and other facilities,” the minister noted.

These projects and other outlined areas, according to officials of the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure, will facilitate the country’s goal of having over six million tourists by 2025 and other major successes.


Officials pledge full dedication to boast sector

The event was also punctuated by an annual conference for the centralised and the decentralised services of the Tourism and Leisure Ministry held under the theme: “The harmonisation of administrative and legal procedures; an innovative challenge in the process of decentralization”.

The conference which brought together representatives from across the national territory had officials drilled on ethics and deontology and most especially on the recently promulgated law on the decentralization of the tourism and leisure sectors.

The participants at the end of the gathering coordinated by the Secretary General at the ministry, Ndioro a Mamoum Marcel Paul, announced that they will be fully dedicated in developing the sector in 2023 through diverse result-oriented activities.

“The Minister of State, Minister of Tourism and Leisure instructed us after the new year wishes, to respect hierarchy and continue the control and inspection of tourism and leisure enterprises in the various sectors and that is what we will be working hard in the days ahead to achieve,” North West Regional Delegate, Nuwanze Macel Mbenweh said.

Wednesday’s event was also marked by the award of labour medals to over nine meritorious officials at the ministry including the Secretary General, Ndioro a Mamoum Marcel Paul and Peter Kuma Kombain of the Communication Unit.

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