ELECAM board set stage for hitch free senatorial election.

Members of the Electoral Board of elections management body, Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, have discussed strategies to organise the senatorial election come March 12 hitch free. This was the focus of the first session as of right of the Electoral Board. The session took place at ELECAM’s head office in Yaounde yesterday.

Chairperson of the Electoral Board of ELECAM, Dr Enow Abrams Egbe, chaired the meeting. Dr Enow said it was a meeting to agree on a concrete plan of action to ensure efficiency in the entire process.

He stated that every election has its uniqueness, constraints and challenges. The election of senators, he said, “…will take into account for the first time, in accordance with the law, the involvement of Regional Councillors as full voters of the electoral college”.

Noting that it will not be ELECAM’s first senatorial election, the Board Chair said, the March 12 exercise will nonetheless, “be a new challenge for the political and institutional actors as well as for the electoral observers”.

He called for unity in the electoral process as ELECAM works to renew the Senate. Dr Enow Abrams said, all efforts must be geared towards ensuring an inclusive, transparent and sincere election.

The ELECAM Board Chair insisted “on the sensitisation and education of the electors for a better appropriation of the legal framework and the standards in the matter; as well as during the constitution and the deposit of the declarations of candidacies”.

Due process, he further noted must be respected in litigations before and after the election. The goal, he noted, “is to achieve a massive, informed, effective, equitable and above all inclusive participation of all actors in the electoral process”.

He announced the deployment of ELECAM officials to the field in the coming days to carry out relevant verifications and proximity checks necessary.

The ELECAM officials, he noted, once on the field, will review the available electoral logistics, monitor the process of updating the voters' register, evaluate the socio-electoral climate in the various constituencies, with emphasis on regions facing security threats.

He saluted the board members for their spirit of solidarity, collective responsibility and teamwork. Such an atmosphere of unity, Dr Enow Abrams said, has contributed in  enabling ELECAM win the confidence of  Cameroonians.


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