Global biometrics solution company, Bridge Corporation, fetes 16th anniversary in style.

Bridge Corporation CEO, Amahadu Adamou

Global biometrics solution company, Bridge Corporation, has celebrated its 16th anniversary in style.  This was during a recent ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

The event  provided an  opportunity  for  Bridge  Corporation, founder and  Chief  Executive Officer, CEO, of  Cameroonian  nationality, Amahadu Adamou  to  honour partners and collaborators.

To staff of the company, Amahadu thanked them for their commitment.  He singled out the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operation Officer for accepting to join the family.

To note that the corporation was created in 2006 with the main intention to support the state of Cameroon in biometric intelligence. Today, Bridge Corporation serves her partners in over 56 countries worldwide.

Hails partners

For 16 years, Bridge Corporation, Amahadu said, is grateful to his partners for their trust and cooperation. He cited countries such as the Netherlands, Croatia, Switzerland, Great Britain, South Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Chad, Central Africa, Angola, Ethiopia, Algeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone… and Cameroon’s Ambassador to Germany.

Special thanks he said equally go to the late states man, former Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of Cameroon Martin Belinga Eboutou for his advice and kinds words that was a push factor in the growth of his mindset and company.

“Thanks go to God, my family and friends for believing in me and trusting my vision from day one to date,” Amahadu said.


As CEO of Bridge Corporation, the celebrated   Cameroonian youth has emerged twice consecutively as best Africa CEO in Germany. It was a rating of an independent observatory commission in Germany. Bridge Corporation has been classified among the top 10 biometric companies in Europe.

Company’s uniqueness

Substantiating the global reputation of Bridge Corporation, Amahadu cited the uniqueness of the company in providing customized answers and solutions to the needs of   countries, governments and institutions around the world.

“When it comes to… passport personalisation, identity cards production and personalisation, integration of software into hardware, birth certificates, electronic-visa platforms,” the go-getter said, Bridge Corporation remains the maestro.

He also talked of justice reform platforms which enable prisons to be linked to a central platform. In addition, the company, he added has expertise in the management of workers in institutions.

Even in conducting elections, he said, “there is no need to use electoral cards wherein a platform is set where anyone that wants to vote could just go there and vote,”  In such a system, he added that identity management has been integrated into the platform.

The success of Bridge Corporation, he insisted should not bring fear in the mind of decision makers it should instead make governments have the urged to bring them on board and give hope to younger generations.

Transparent, sustainable management

As an institution that  runs  on  best  practices and global standards,  Amahadu  told  The  Guardian Post that  Bridge  Corporation is managed transparently with sustainability at the heart of decisions.

 “We know where we want to go and we are slowly but surely going there. We started like every small company by taking a loan from a German investment bank. Today we are free from the loan and have become partners and we are managing our resources just from money coming...,” he detailed.

Bridge Corporation at 16, Amahadu restarted, “is financially stable” and has the man power, expertise and market knowledge”.  Given the company’s principles, Ahamadu maintained that: “We do not want people to see Bridge Corporation as a company owned by an African. We want people to see it as a company that is recognised in the domain of biometric intelligence as one of the best in the world and if not the best”.

Ambitious future plans

Described as a unique biometrics ambassador of Cameroon to the world, Amahadu said in the nearest future, Bridge Corporation, targets “taking our technology to South America. We have started negotiations and delivering concept to countries there.

The objective of his company, he added is to see, “governments and state institutions to be independent,” than to rely on passport and ID card companies.

He further noted that: “We plan to get into the communication, agriculture and the health sectors. For now we keep ruling with biometrics and slowly walking into different sectors”.

Circumstance leading to creation

Quizzed on what inspired the creation of the renowned company, Amahadu Adamou, a trailblazer in biometrics said, the attack on the World Trade Centre in the United States on September 11, 2001 was one of the sparks.

“When the first plane hit the centre, I was in the Netherlands, watching CNN and later the authorities came out with their investigations and all they could say was that the terrorists on board had fake passports and were coming from several countries,” he recounted.

Under a patriotic impulse, Amahadu said he asked himself what if the authors of such a deadly attack had but Cameroonian fake passports, fake birth certificates or transited through the country.

The love for Cameron, he insisted, pushed him to further his studies to address global biometric frailties. “From the incident, I started doing my research and I furthered my studies and took other courses and finally I got into the industry after getting some experience and travelling to several countries for training,” the biometric intelligence expert noted.

Waiting for home recognition

With his achievements across the world, the man who continues to profess matchless love for country told The Guardian Post that: “I started Bridge Corporation out of the love for Cameroon but at the same time we can’t wait to see when the country will recognise us and our efforts as we continue to fly the flag of the country to higher heights”.  The company, he averred, has “moved our solutions and expertise around the world”.


The greatest challenge, he disclosed is that of many people surprised to see an African heading such a celebrated company.

Despite such mindsets, he said the answer has always been: “If we were not trust-wealthy, we would not have been established the industry and having all the accreditations and awards I get”.

He urged African leaders and stakeholders to see Bridge Corporation as a “company that brings solutions, ready to work with them to better off the different departments”.

Amahadu reiterated that, his company is bent on demystifying biometric technology particularly across Africa. “We feel it is time to go to those countries and make them understand the principle behind biometric technology,” Amahadu said.

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