CABTAL dedicates recording studio to boost evangelisation mission.

The Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy, CABTAL, has dedicated its newly equipped recording studio to the service of God.

The studio which is meant to boost its evangelisation mission was dedicated during a ceremony to launch CABTAL 2021-2022 Annual Report.

The ceremony organised at the CABTAL head office in Yaounde, took place on Friday November 4.

Chaired by the CABTAL’s Board chair, Rev Sokeng Alain Clement, the event brought together some clergy across denomination and staff of the translation body.

According to the General Director, Keyeh Emmanuel, the studio will help to reach out to more people with the Word of God.

“We have been translating the scripture in written format but there are some people who can only be reached by oral or audio-visual version of the scripture,” the CABTAL General Director said.

Stressing that the studio is a major for CABTAL, Keyeh stated that: “There are also literacy materials that are in written documents, so with the studio we will be able to record quality literacy lessons that can reach other tongue speakers across the world and be able to record scriptures in the mother tongue for people who cannot read and write. They can listen to the scripture”.  

During the event, a 14-point action plan was unveiled which the General Director said are aimed at helping the communities and individuals with holistic development, be it physically, spiritually or economy.

“The vision of CABTAL is to see individuals and communities being transformed by the Word of God in their mother tongue and we would love to see that the individuals and the communities use their mother tongue for a sustainable development,” Keyeh added.

He further mentioned that from 2021 to 2022, CABTAL has successfully translated the New Testament of the bible into 13 local languages. 

“We want to see that in the next two years, we translate even more that 13 and have more people to able to read and write in their mother tongues. The strategies are linguistic research, bible translation, and community development,” he resolved. 

On his part, the Board chair of CABTAL, Rev Sokeng Alain Clement, encouraged communities wishing to get the Bible translated in to their mother tongue to approach CABTAL for an efficient service.

“The communities are the once who come to us requesting for the Bible to be translated in their mother tongue because we want the community to earn the projects and just CABTAL to initiate them,” Rev Sokeng told reporters, before adding that “when they come, we have the technical knowhow to have help them have the bible in their mother tongues”. 

Beside the dedicated studio to be used in advancing the mission, Rev Sokeng asserted that they also intend to procure a printing press that will facilitate the printing of the scriptures.

The event also marked the commemoration of the 2022 edition of the International Literacy Day as some deserving CABTAL staff were award Certificate of Recognition for their selfless services rendered over the years.

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