President Paul Biya is software that cannot be programmed – Oswald Baboke.

Many are those who consider the Head of State as seemingly tired, not up-to-date with national and global issues and steadily exhausted by his advanced age.

On the contrary, this is not how the Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, Oswald Baboke, sees the man who incarnates state institutions.

To the senior Unity Palace official, President Paul Biya is a “software that cannot programmed”.

Baboke made the statement is a write up published by authoritative French language daily newspaper, Le Messager.

His outing hinged on how sees Paul Biya on the occasion of the President’s 40th anniversary at the helm of the state.

Harping on his point, Baboke stated that in the last 40 years, Biya has made it known that “speech is silver, silence is golden”.

Oswald Baboke: Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic

Demystifying the silence in Biya’s leadership style to those who might not have understood it in the past four decades, Baboke said that for President Biya, “…haste and agitation are not signs of vitality”.

“His clock does not dither. His complex mutiny is a rigorous programme, or rather, a vision. Let it be known that his apparent slowness is not a sign of indecision, but of reflection, pondering and maturation. Mature reflection precedes action. His restraint is an asset of wisdom. Paul Biya: Software that cannot be programmed!,” the Deputy DCC at the Unity Palace explained. 

Baboke told skeptics who propagate rumours that the Head of State is seemingly no in touch in recent happenings that President Paul Biya is “accustomed to functions at very high temperatures” and “retains an alert memory”.

“The President knows his files, and recognises his priorities. He manages his time. He has a passion for time. The President's time cannot be improvised and cannot be tamed,” he stated.

Baboke said despite the passage of time, President Biya has remained “friendly and charming” and “like a magician, he is up to date”.

“His age is authoritative. In fact, his age is a guarantee of security and balance for his compatriots,” Baboke explained.

Baboke explained that the Head of State has attained a “wise age of politics: clear-sighted, seasoned, empirical, seasoned, experienced, expert”.

As if to debunk rumours from compatriots that the Head of State’s health is failing, the Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic said the Paul Biya is “upright, skilful, lively and athletic”.

“Do those who imagine him to be a hard worker and worn out by the weight of years know to what extent this statesman, who has lived moderately and without excess, has taken care of his physical and intellectual hygiene? Do you have to be around him to realise this?,” he rhetorically questioned.

Baboke apologetically added: “The Sphinx was never a faded octogenarian. His physical freshness remains intact”.

He said governing for decades already is a “political victory, without appeal, that the people have renewed” to President Paul Biya.

Baboke said it is on this that the Head of State’s current seven-year term is still anchored on rigour, justice, common interest, solidity and solidarity.

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