Soldiers arrested for torturing ‘General’ No Pity’s ally.

The Ministry of Defence has disclosed that some soldiers who were recently pictured torturing and robbing a man in mud in the locality of Njotin near Kumbo in the North West region, have been apprehended and are currently being detained in an undisclosed facility.

In a statement released yesterday, Army spokesperson, Captain Atonfack Guemo Cyrille Serge identified the molested man as an acolyte of the dreaded and self-styled Ambazonia ‘General’, No Pity.

He said the man was captured and mercilessly tortured by the soldiers following a raid carried out in the area in which 10 of ‘General’ No Pity’s fighters were killed.

Captain Atonfack Cyrille recounted that “…on the morning of Saturday, 08 October 2022, at about 10:00 am…following a tip -off from inhabitants, the Defence Forces carried out an important combing operation in the locality of Njotin, near Kumbo, Bui division, North West region. The operation was aimed at dismantling a horde of terrorists and disciples of the self-proclaimed General ‘No Pity’ who were spreading terror and desolation in the locality and its surroundings”.

He detailed that: “As the infiltration section approached the area, a group of heavily armed terrorists fired indiscriminately in an attempt to stop their movement. The defence forces responded proportionately and professionally and were able to contain the terrorists, with the following outcome recorded: about ten terrorists neutralised and others injured while escaping; several hostages set free; 15 weapons of war seized”.

He then said, “a few hours later, an amateur video went viral on the blogosphere , showing some elements of the Defence Forces who were involved in the Njotin operation, busy molesting one of the acolytes of the above-mentioned showman General, accusing him of having helped his master escape by alerting him of the presence of soldiers”.

The soldiers in question, he was blunt “perpetrated acts of violence on the victim, which are in gross violation of human rights and the legal instruments that apply to the defence forces”.

The soldiers in the video, he then disclosed “have already been identified and arrested”.

“The minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defence firmly condemns this act which undermines the image of our Defence Forces”, he said before concluding that “Investigations prescribed and immediately opened by local administrative and judicial authorities as well as the defence and security forces will shed full light on and establish the magnitude of and responsibilities in this unfortunate incident”.

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