Editorial : Gov’t’s communication policy needs urgent review.

In an era where communication and information technology, ICT, is at the finger tip of everyone everywhere with a smartphone, the Cameroon government must adapt its communication policy to match with the changing times.

The government's defensive, aggravated and finger-pointing response to the Ndu massacre exposed its ineffectiveness, contradictions and inconsistency.
Last Friday, the world got up shocked and traumatised by graphic pictures of Cameroonians including babies and pregnant women massacred in Ngarbuh village in Ndu sub-division of the North West region.

Reports that trended in the social media claimed "soldiers stormed Ngar village also known as Ngarbuh in the Donga Mantung division, North West region, killing dozens and burning several others alive. The soldiers reportedly came from Ndu and Tatum accompanied by scores of government-sponsored vigilante group members. The death toll that earlier stood at 25 rose to 27 this Saturday

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