Shura to release debut album, October 24.

“Primed is composed of 20 tracks and spans over Afro Jazz songs like ‘Greener’ to the ambient ‘Run’, an electric acoustic ballad,”

By Giyo Ndzi

The ‘allez dire’ crooner in the release further explained that in the album, “each song fluctuates in sound with different originality and the same world theme.”

To her, “Primed is a soul-filled catchy collection of reminders that love, harmony, diversity and unity can co-exist in our modern world.”

The album includes features from a range of artists including Jeeno, Belvia, Big Joe, Berinyu and versatile rapper, Lil Love. A majority of songs on the said album were recorded in Buea, and have the involvement of producers Barinyu, Godema and Mageek Fingers.

“Listeners will find it perfect for healing purposes as it will raise your mood and get your days going,” Shura promised.
An Afro Jazz and Afro pop singer, Shura is also a song writer, a composer, and an actress. She is known for her captivating works and emotionally soothing lyrics, with songs like Dis Moi Tout, Voila Moi, Tranquille, Atalakou and hit track, Allez Dire.

The ‘Primed’ album comes as Shura’s first under her Shura Music, indicating her departure from Stephens Entertainment Music.

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