Rapper, Askia faces backlash over content of new music video.

Rapper, Askia Karin is yet to have a moment of rest, since behind the scenes of her latest video with Z-Tra went viral on social media...

By Morine Tanyi and Giyo Ndzi

Following the release of more behind the scenes images however, this time including some taken with comedian, Gabriel Nanjip, many more have lashed out at the artists for indecency.

Askia had earlier informed the public the leaked pictures were not nudes, but behind the scenes images of her latest project titled c’est chaud featuring Z-Tra. This however did not stop fans and social media users from lashing out at her over what they termed indecent content.

Social media personality and relationship expert, Delly Singah wrote: “Askia darling, I love you too much to tell you that your recent exposure of skin is getting out of hand and is definitely not healthy for the youngsters to see on a daily basis in the name of music promo.”

Admitting the artist alone had the rights to call the shots over her oen life, Delly said it was however necessary that she leaves a befitting example for the younger generation.

Askia Karin who recently dropped out of her husband’s Beard Gang Music label, failed to take the comments lying down.
“I should be paid handsomely for keeping your blogs active back to back. I am not a good girl, that’s why you can see all of my flaws. Learn 1 or 2 things from it and make your lives better. I am only here to serve and while I am looking for that bread, I will keep giving it to you all how I like,” she wrote.

“For the first Time in a long time,” she added, “I am really happy. That is all that matters.”

Askia is no stranger to controversy. Since leaving Salatiel’s Alpha Better records years back, she has had several incidents and social media conflicts with both fans and entertainers.

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