Rapper, YF Nolito makes comeback with new song.

By Giyo Ndzi

Talking to The Guardian Post, Nolito said his time away gave him the chance to focus on himself as well as restrategise to better position himself in the Cameroon rap world: “I did not only disappear from the internet, I also disappeared from the city and was actually out of reach because of health conditions” he noted.

Describing his absence as the toughest moment of his life, Nolito explained that it was thanks to his family that he was able to maintain his composure and stand tall again. Back into the fold, his music, Nolito remarked, remains his lifestyle.

“I am My Biggest inspiration,” he said. “I am inspired by the way I live, the way I move. Most of our rappers rap about that good life which is the main focus of the hustle but to be honest not up to half of them live that life. I don’t just rap about it, I live it.”

Nicknamed the ‘Young Inspiration’, Nolito’s songs dwell o a range of issues affecting society including daily challenges. To him however, the essence of his work is not to compare with others, but be a better version of himself.

To him, he is “… unique” with what he dies and is “respected by the most respected ones. They can’t deny the fact that I inspire them a lot when they scroll down my page. We are just different persons under the nomenclature of ‘rappers’".

“There is a lot of competition about whose name should be heard the most, whose name should be mentioned on the news… What actually makes me different and better are the moves I make to end up where you see my name,” he remarked.

Getting to where he wants to be, Nolito revealed, has cost him a lot and continues to require daily sacrifices: “If I get a call to be in another city within the next 30 minutes, I won’t waste time. I am full of positivity because I don’t do beefing,” he added.

Quizzed on what follows suite after Friday’s ‘Big Boy release, Nolito said he has a lot more in store for his supporters and lovers of his works, with no plan to back down any time soon.

“Immediately after ‘Big boy’,” he told The Guardian Post, “I have the Journey which introduces everyone to my world – ‘YF’s World’ and takes them completely to my daily thoughts. This will be followed by ‘DollarBill’ which brings out the best of vibes within me”.

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