Akwaya chiefs present plight of subdivision to PM Dion Ngute.

Akwaya chiefs with PM Dion Ngute after meeting

Traditional  rulers from Akwaya Subdivision, Manyu Division of the South West Region, have presented the plight of their administrative unit to the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr  Joseph Dion Ngute.

The custodians of traditions briefed the Prime Minister during an audience granted them on Thursday July 5. 

Led by the president of the Akwaya Conference of Traditional Rulers, His Majesty Otu Ojong Asu Jean, the royal fathers presented the plight of the people of Akwaya to the Head of Government.

The chiefs called for urgent government intervention in the area, which has paid a heavy price since the start of the Anglophone crisis in 2016. They among other things called for the reinforcement of security in villages across Akwaya.

During the meeting, the traditional rulers reportedly explained that Akwaya has been suffering from long-term underdevelopment since its creation in 1963.

They said with the start of the Anglophone crisis, the situation in the subdivision has worsened, in terms of poor standards of living, high death rate, and insecurity.

The traditional rulers also presented the various atrocities, which have been committed since the crisis began.

"For the past seven years, Akwaya has been under great tribulation because her father's, children and mothers have been slaughtered and we are very helpless," said his Majesty Ojong Ashu in an interview granted to state media, CRTV, after the meeting.

He added that the government has done everything possible, but the resources and military intervention sent are still not enough, reasons they came to beseech the government for intervention.

At the end of the session, his Majesty Ojong Asu expressed optimism, adding that he is very impressed with the response of the Head of Government and hopes the situation of Akwaya is going to certainly improve.


About Akwaya Subdivision

Akwaya Subdivision is made up of three tribes namely; Banyang, Keakaa, Anyang, and Boki with over 99 villages. 

Akwaya Subdivision shares boundaries with three Nigerian states with the closest being the Cross River State.



By Tabe Glory Ama (Journalism Student on internship)



This story was first published in The Guardian Post issue No:3163 of Tuesday July 9, 2024



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