Mbile Tapea Solomon: Rare people-friendly servant at service of community.

GM handing reward to one of the outstanding workers

Coretta Scott King, wife of the renowned US civil rights crusader, Dr. Martin Luther King, was apt when she said: "...the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members". This literally means a community consists of many individuals, and how those individuals act, either alone or together, will determine whether the community will foster or not.

For her part, Helen Keller, American author, disability rights advocate, political activist and lecturer, said “alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”.

Mbile Tapea Solomon, the General Manager of PAMOL Plantations PLC, has been living up to the billing of the ideals of servant-leadership and community development. 

Through his compassionate actions, Mbile has been transforming not only the company he heads, but also the lives of PAMOL staff, retirees, and members of communities in Ndian Division of the South West Region and beyond.

Since his appointment as General Manager of PAMOL in 2020, Mbile Tapea Solomon has taken people-friendly actions that have impacted the lives of communities, staff and retirees, among others.

As they say, one cannot light a lamp and hide it under the bed, the unmatched service to his community has seen Mbile showered with praises from across the board. 

Mbile has stood out as a beacon, blazing the trail as a true servant-leader at the service of the community and nation. 

The community service actions undertaken by Mbile has uplifted the lives of the community members who had hitherto been bearing the brunt of hardship, prompted by lack of basic necessities like electricity, potable water and even their retirement dues, after serving PAMOL for several years. 

His esteemed and pro-active actions, down-to-earth and compassionate nature, have endeared him, not only to workers of PAMOL, but the general public in communities were estates of the agro-industrial company are located and beyond. 

Mbile Tapea Solomon (middle) after being conferred traditional title 



Ensuring constant salary of PAMOL workers

Due to his outstanding managerial savvy, since taking over at the helm of PAMOL, Mbile has ensured constant salaries of workers. 

When Mbile Tapea Solomon took over as PAMOL General Manager, the company was said to have had just about 450 workers. But since taking over, he has recalled over 1,000 workers, who are now at work. The corporation can now boast of about 2,000 workers. 

This has transformed the lives of these persons, who otherwise would have been redundant. Their livelihoods and those of their families would not have also been guaranteed. 

It should be noted that these workers, who are now receiving regular salaries, can take care of their families, send their children to school and attend to other needs. For this transformational action, the PAMOL General Manager is being praised. Some have even described him as God-given to the communities in Ndian. 

Bishop Michael Bibi visiting PAMOL head office 



Recues PAMOL retirees

Meanwhile, former workers of PAMOL, who are now on retirement, have also been smiling. The General Manager, thanks to his compassion, could not have allowed retirees suffer when they were due retirement benefits after serving the corporation. He has ensured that every month, money is allocated to pay PAMOL retirees their dues.

Also, workers’ dues to the National Social Insurance Fund, CNPS, which had not been paid for a very long time before Mbile’s appointment as General Manager of PAMOL, are now being paid when salaries are paid. 

We gathered that from 2004 to 2017, the corporation had been deducting the CNPS dues from the workers’ salaries but not paying such money to the social insurance fund. 

But Mbile has put a stop to this and ensuring that these dues are fully paid to CNPS for the benefit of the workers in future.

Since Mbile came to the helm of PAMOL, the company is not owing any CNPS dues, we learned.   


Encouraging meritocracy at PAMOL

In the meantime, Mbile Tapea Solomon has been encouraging meritocracy among PAMOL staff through staff appraisal, which is making workers happy and ready to put in their best for the benefit of the corporation. 

We learned from reliable sources that the last time staff appraisal was done at the company was in 2009. 

But the administration of Mbile, in its bid to boost staff performance, has revived workers' appraisal and has been doing so annually. 

Some meritorious workers have received prizes such as motorbikes among other encouragements. We also gathered that over 75 percent of the workers have witnessed an increase in their salaries, due to their performances after annual appraisals.

To improve the welfare of workers, the General Manager recently announced the renovation of camp houses and other structures.

It should also be noted that since Mbile took over as PAMOL General Manager, he has also been clearing the debts the company owed to smallholder farmers. 

Not only that, Mbile has encouraged the setting up of Small Holder Schemes, from where he buys palm nuts and pays instantly. 

To better the condition of Small Holder Schemes, the PAMOL General Manager has offered the luxury of selling them quality palm seedlings at a very affordable price.

Bishop Bibi in group picture with PAMOL GM, other staff 



New generator to Mundemba

Electricity, being a problem in most parts of Ndian Division, the General Manager of PAMOL, recently bought a brand new high-power generator to light the Mundemba Estate Mill. He also repaired the previous generator that was available but less performant.

Mbile is said to have taken electricity as a priority social amenity. He has extended electricity and water to all the PAMOL camps in Ndian Division.


Equipment to boost performance

It should be noted that the management of PAMOL, under Tapea Mbile, has been providing equipment and working tools to boost performance. 

In May 2023, the PAMOL management handed motorbikes to some resilient and distinguished workers in Bulu oil mill. 

During the handing over ceremony, the General Manager reassured the workers of brighter days to come for the company. 

In what has been seen as fighting hunger in Mundemba, Mbile, has supported the donation of more than 75,000 plantain seedlings to farmers in the area.