Kamto, Dzongang, MRC West Region boss summoned!.

The National President of the opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC, Prof Maurice Kamto, the adviser to the same party, Albert Dzongang and the West Region Secretary of the MRC, Barrister Tassa Andre Marie, have been summoned by the gendarmerie.

The summons is the content of a convocation, dated July 2, a copy of which The Guardian Post has seen. 

The summons bears the name and signature of the West Legion Commander of the National Gendarmerie, Colonel Saidou Abba.

As per the summons, the trio is expected to appear before officers at the West Gendarmerie Legion head office on Thursday July 11, at 2pm. 

Without indicating further details as to why the three have been summoned, the summons indicated that the action is in line with an investigation opened against them.

The document also indicates that if the opposition party supporters don’t respect the summons, officers would be forced to constraint them to do so.

There is also another document that has surfaced in relation to the summons in which, bailiff, Tchoua Yves, is indicating that the three MRC officials summoned have been duly served.

In the meantime, having been identified as per their role and positions within the opposition MRC party, observers hold that the summons could not be unconnected to the political activities of the MRC party officials.

The MRC and the Biya regime have since the October 2018 presidential election, been at loggerheads over several issues. 

Maurice Kamto — Wikipédia
Prof Maurice Kamto: MRC National President


The outings of MRC leader, Prof Kamto and his collaborators like Dzongang, have usually provoked counter reactions, from especially the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji.

Both Kamto and Dzongang are former supporters of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, party. 

They have on the platform of the MRC, turned the heat on the government since 2012. 

The MRC National President and the party’s adviser ended up being arrested in early 2019, for defying administrative decisions banning protests. 

Then, Kamto and his confidants were holding on to an argument that the MRC won the 2018 presidential poll.

A lot of things have since then happened, including the famous February 2020, announcement from Kamto, indicating that the political outfit was not taking part in the 2020 municipal and parliamentary elections. 

Possibly facing the reality of how difficult it would be for the MRC to field him as a candidate at the 2025, poll given that the party has no councillors and parliamentarians as required by law, Kamto has been threatening fire and brimstone.

With a bill seeking to extent the mandates of Members of Parliament, MP, currently being scrutinised, the reality of Kamto not being able to run for the election is becoming clearer.   

Albert Dzongang : « L'esprit de Zogo va les tourmenter » – Icicemac
Albert Dzongang: MRC Adviser



When Kamto granted a press conference in Yaounde on Friday May 10, 2024, he said things were not going to go as usual with the 2025 presidential poll.

“Nobody intimidates Maurice Kamto. I have gone through all the phases. I am fighting for my country. Whatever it will take, even if it means paying the ultimate price, I am ready. I am saying this so that law officers don’t waste their time,” he had declared.

Meanwhile, Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji, had while chairing a confab of governors in Yaounde, on July 3, said there will be no room for defiance before, during and after the 2025 presidential poll.



This story was first published in The Guardian Post issue No:3163 of Tuesday July 9, 2024


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