At Independence Day celebration: Ambassador salutes fruitful US-Cameroon relations.

His Excellency Christopher J. Lamora addressing guests during ceremony

The Ambassador of the United States of America, USA, to Cameroon, His Excellency Christopher J. Lamora, has hailed the fruitful cooperation that exists between his country and Cameroon.

The diplomat was speaking during the ceremony to commemorate the 248th US Independence Day. The ceremony took place July 3, at the Ambassador’s residence in Yaounde.

This was in the presence of top government officials, including the Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Lamora said, throughout his stay in Cameroon, he has noticed that the bilateral relations between the two countries have grown broader and deeper.

“We have collaborated successfully to improve the basic health care of the Cameroonian people, including in our continuing fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other diseases. We have worked against terrorist groups in the Far North and maritime security challenges in the Gulf of Guinea…,’’ he said.

According to the US envoy to Cameroon, his country has strenghtened new economic and investment ties with Casmeroon, through a variety of projects.


Role in Anglophone crisis

According to H.E Lamora, the US government has been very supportive and remains determined to help Cameroon end the armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions of the country.

“We have engaged with a cross section of stakeholders to help end the violence in the North West and South West Regions. US law enforcement agencies have taken targeted actions against people in the United States for breaking US laws in the context of the crisis,” he stated.

The US government, the diplomat added, has made important strides in supporting Cameroon's sustainable development goals in keeping with the country's National Development Strategy.


Cameroon, US are friends 

Speaking further during Wednesday’s ceremony, Ambassador Lamora described Cameroon and US as true friends who work together for the common good.

“Friends support each other in tough times and tell each other truths we need to hear, even with those that may be tough to deliver and receive. Friends open their hearts as well as their doors when visitors come to town,” the diplomat said. 

The friendship between both countries, he said, could be seen through the calibre of senior US officials who have travelled to Cameroon.

This, the diplomat said, attests to the importance of the country, not only at the regional level but on the global stage as a whole.


His Excellency Christopher J. Lamora speaking to reporters prior to ceremony




Cameroon held in high esteem

Citing some of the senior US officials who have visited the country since the start of the year, the diplomat noted that: “In April, we welcomed the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, Richard Verma; the highest-ranking US official to visit Cameroon in recent memory. I was in Washington for our annual US Ambassadors’ Conference, where the Deputy Secretary told nearly 150 US ambassadors how much his visit here meant to him”.

“I am optimistic about the role the US Embassy in Yaounde will continue to play in building Cameroon's future...because I know how dedicated our Cameroonian, American, and other staff members are to transforming our collective visions and dreams into reality. And together, with our Cameroonian friends and other partners, there is nothing we can not accomplish,” Lamora stated.


American citizens urged to remain focused

Addressing American citizens during the gathering in Yaounde, Lamora, said: “I urge you all to look back across our nearly 250 years of independence and reflect on how we have come, even as we acknowledge there is more to do’’.

“At our Independence Day celebration two years ago, I stressed that the United States is still at work in progress. We make mistakes, just as all countries do. But we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, find the lessons-learned, and keep moving towards that ‘more perfect union’ our founders wrote of in the constitution,” he added. 

The diplomat then reminded US citizens that: “Sometimes, that road is straight and dear. Other times, it may be curved, or have obstacles. But still, we drive forward, adjusting as needed along the way. Either way, we have to remain optimistic. I know I am optimistic about the United States and confident in our ability to weather every storm, overcome every challenge, and come out stronger on the other side”.




This story was first published in The Guardian Post Issue No:3159 of Friday July 5, 2024

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