Cameroonian actress, Chantal Nchako, shines alongside Eddie Murphy in new movie.

Eddie Murphy and Chantal Nchako

Cameroonian-American actress, Chantal Nchako, has secured pivotal role in Netflix blockbuster, "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F". 

The Cameroonian starred alongside Hollywood legend, Eddie Murphy. The development is seen as her first major movie role and a notable achievement in her burgeoning career.

Nchako, who plays the role of a parking and law enforcement officer in the film, shared her excitement and insights in an exclusive interview with The Sun, a popular news outlet. 

Despite initial advice not to approach Murphy on set due to his reserved nature, she said she took the initiative to speak with him before their scene. 

To her surprise, Murphy was delighted upon learning of her Cameroonian heritage, reminiscing about his role as an exchange student from Cameroon in the classic movie ‘Trading Places’.

"You really put us on the map. Thank you for always giving homage to Africa," Nchako expressed gratefully to Murphy during their interaction, which sparked a newfound bond between the two actors. 

The camaraderie deepened as reports have it that Murphy even requested a professional photographer to capture moments with Nchako, reflecting their shared enthusiasm and camaraderie on set.

Born in New York, before briefly residing in Cameroon during her childhood, Nchako's return to the United States at the age of nine set the stage for her pursuit of acting. 

Her journey from Cameroon to Hollywood throws light on a remarkable trajectory, fueled by dedication and talent in the competitive film industry.

"Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" is expected to be a highlight in Nchako's career, catapulting her into the spotlight alongside a seasoned cast. 

With Murphy's endorsement and their memorable on-set experience, her performance is anticipated to resonate with audiences worldwide, further cementing her as a rising star to watch. It should be noted that the movie, "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" (part 4), was released on July 3, 2024. 



This story was first published in The Guardian Post Issue No:3159 of Friday July 5, 2024

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