Meme: Military kills dreaded Amba fighter ‘General Black Bat’.

Meme SDO talking to reporters on sidelines of display of deceased’s corpse

A squad of officers of the 21st Support Battalion in Kumba, chief town of Meme Division, South West Region, has ended the life of self-styled dreaded separatist fighter, General Black Bat, whose real name was Besaka Belgert.

Besaka was killed, following a military operation on Thursday June 13, in the locality of Boa Bakundu in Mbonge Subdivision. 

Security sources said Major Machou Zakariaou led the operation that resulted in the end of the life of Besaka.

The corpse was later transported to Kumba, and displayed at the BICEC Junction, where other dreaded separatist fighters killed in similar circumstances have been displayed for public viewing.

His killing comes barely two months after that of another prominent separatist figure, who operated under the pseudonym ‘General Mad Dogg’, was neutralised. 

The late Besaka, who became notorious as General Black Bat, is said to have been responsible for several atrocities across the South West Region; especially in Meme and Ndian Divisions.

He is said to have, during his time as a separatist fighter, engaged in widespread kidnappings for ransom and seizure of cocoa plantations from farmers among others.

The deceased and his gang were also linked to the killing of two prominent individuals in Kombone Bakundu village viz; Mukete Thaddeus Oben, and Obie Christopher Lyonga. 

Obie was said to be the Chairman of the Kombone Traditional Council, when Black Bat and his team came for his life. 

Additionally, Black Bat is also said to have kidnapped and removed Besingi Ebenizar Ande, from his position of cup bearer of Kombone two years ago. 

In replacement, Besaka is said to have appointed one of his associates to the position. 

Meantime, the associate is said be in detention in Buea.

The deceased Amba General is further said to have expelled the Women Traditional Leader, ‘Iya Mboka’ of Kombone and seized her husband’s cocoa farm.

The traditional ruler of Kombone Bakundu village, Chief Sakwe Eric Dosa, is quoted as having rallied the people of his community to unite and combat all forces of evil. 

Chief Dosa is also said to have urged youngsters still carrying arms to drop them and go to the disarmament centre in Buea for training and reintegration.


SDO congratulates security forces 

The Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Meme Ntou'ou Ndong Chamberlin, who visited the BICEC Junction yesterday, where the corpse of Besaka was displayed, congratulated the forces of law and order.

The SDO also called for frank and sincere collaboration between the population and the security forces for the return of peace. 

Ntou’ou Ndong also reiterated the appeal of the Head of State, for those still in the bushes to come out, surrender and take a new path to contribute to nation building.



This story was first published in The Guardian Post issue No:3142 of Tuesday June 18, 2024

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