Yaounde: MADA Int’l College graduates 7th batch in grand style.

MADA Int’l Proprietress (second from left), other school officials brandishing certificates of registration

Renowned Yaounde-based academic institution, MADA International College, has graduated its seventh batch of 119 students.

The grandiose graduation ceremony, rich in pomp and fanfare, held on the campus of the International Relations Institute of Cameroon, IRIC, on Saturday June 15. 

The graduation ritual took place under the guidance of the Country Manager of the British Council, Caroline Ndifor. It was also attended by school officials and a multitude of parents.  

The graduates included nine Grade 12 Senior students, who sat the Cambridge Advance Levels; 25 Upper Sixth students, who wrote the General Certificate of Education, GCE, Advanced Levels; ten Grade 11 students, who took the Cambridge IGCSE and 75 Form Five students, who wrote the GCE Ordinary Levels. 

The graduates, officials said, satisfactorily fulfilled the requirements prescribed by the Department of Academic Affairs, under the Cambridge and National Curricula. 

According to the Principal and Head of School at MADA International College, Calistus Tubuo, it was not an easy ride. 

Tubuo said thanks to their professionalism, they braved the odds to overcome all challenges. 

Tubuo stated that the graduates have been well groomed intellectually and socially to impact and make a difference in society. 

“I am certain my leaners are able to adequately handle local problems and address global challenges. They are ready to be integrated into any University or High School with no problem,” Tubuo boasted. 

The Head of School added that he has “already compiled their files for the University admission department. Most of them have solicited for universities out of Cameroon, in the United Kingdom, UK, and the United States of America, USA. The process has started and needs to be ongoing between now till the universities confirm their admissions”.

British Council Country Manager, Caroline Ndifor, delivering keynote address as graduates watch on


Graduates urged to remain focused 

The keynote speaker at the event, who is the Country Manager of the British Council, Caroline Ndifor, said the graduates were standing in a place of privilege and honour.

Ndifor said she expects the graduates to demonstrate the skills, and competences that they have built while at MADA International College. She reminded them that they are stepping into a world that is very volatile. 

The British Council Country Manager urged the graduates to “stay within the confines of your upbringing; be it at home or at school”. 

Ndifor also added that: “You have to stay from unnecessary distraction. You need to remain focused. You need to carve a path that you can walk seamlessly without stumbling. The stumbling blocks will be there, but it is what you do with those blocks that matter”.