Personality of The Week: Richard Evina Obam; Deposits & Consignment Fund DG.

Richard Evina Obam, CDEC pioneer Director General

When a man builds on the successes of others, he is saluted for ensuring continuity. But when a man decides to chart a new course, building empires and carrying millions along, he enters the dominion and jurisdiction of a massive record breaker.

In such circumstances, the stories of such men are told and re-told to keep inspiring nations, countries, continents, communities and organisations. 

Such lines justify the series of citations that often punctuate capacity building and new perspectives, even in governance and public management. 

The men who make this happen are usually not easy to find but they are still dotted in our midst here and there.

For this season, what has swept many into excitement, including readers of The Guardian Post, are the string of funds transferred to the Deposits and Consignment Fund, CDEC. 

In recent days, the willful surrender of idle funds, especially by financial institutions, to CDEC, has hit nothing less than 17 billion FCFA. 

It is a breakthrough that has consumed the resistance that greeted the work of CDEC, which the Head of State, President Paul Biya, handed to Richard Evina Obam as pioneer Director General in January 2023.

Within the frames of the reading of our readers, the quiet and humble Director General, DG, of CDEC, Richard Evina Obam, who has been sweet-talking institutions to willingly surrender idle funds, finds a spot on the topmost categorisation of productive Cameroonians this season. 

For emerging above everyone venturing in different spheres to build Cameroon this season, our readers have given Evina Obam the dignity of living the dream of many to become Personality of The Week.

Evina Obam makes his debut because our readers have judged his achievements in the last few days as being poignant and inspiring at a time government is in search of resources to finance development projects.

In the face of conflicting views on the workability of CDEC and its use to Cameroon’s development drive, Richard Evina Obam, our readers say, has introduced a third idea, which has seen financial institutions toeing the line. 

His power of negotiation has elevated facts over emotions, causing stakeholders to come to terms with the national development and idle funds-guarantee status of CDEC.

Your Personality of The Week is a state servant who has refused to win at all costs. He is a man fashioned in tone and candour. He seeks mutually beneficial options to recover idle funds in banks and other financial institutions. 

Admirers say his leadership skills have created more value for idle funds and open up new avenues for collective success.

Even though Evina Obam is not a novice to financial management, many say by fitting into the shoes of setting up CDEC from scratch and rallying stakeholders to surrender several billions needed for development, put him in the world of endless possibilities.

Evina Obam, our readers say, is simply an all-season star who does not only shine but does so through brightening the nation’s development agenda.

He has been thinking outside the box and the fruits of his innovative solutions in resource mobilisation are what have sent stakeholders nationwide into celebratory mood. 

Richard Evina Obam : « Les pouvoirs publics ont doté la CDEC des moyens lui  permettant de procéder au recouvrement forcé » - L'Economie


Our readers have come in as independent and objective observers, to herald it to the awareness of everyone that Evina Obam is a national asset of premium quality.

Your Personality of The Week is not just a state functionary by name. He has been sitting and continues to be announced within the golden circles of meaningful public service for his likability, results-oriented philosophy, niceness and attachment to doing things the right way. 

Evina Obam is not only success personality. The confidence he is exuding at CDEC is the fragrance emanating from a culture of hard work and excellence.

Evina’s successful building of trust and the establishment of affinities with CDEC partners, many are saying, speak of a clear display of priceless integrity at the service of the nation. 

He is one man who has proven that getting what one deserves in life is rare but achieving what one negotiates for preempts many problems.

In addition to the place of merit in achieving favourable outcomes, Evina Obam has added to it as he works round the clock at CDEC, the power of negotiation and skills that are out of this world. 

In our contemporary society wherein, everyone is always seeking to win, this trusted and honest public servant has come in with the attributes of fairness and sustainability to assure CDEC partners of the collective future ahead, if they work together.

For those who were being misled, owing to negative narratives of deception and manipulation, our readers say they have singled the marathon successes of Evina Obam at CDEC, based on his foresight and clarity that have won the commitment of stakeholders holding idle funds.

He is the calm and focused nation builder who has chosen to separate facts from fiction and sentiment to mobilise huge resources for national development.

In the game of strategy, Evina Obam for many, has used his exploits at CDEC to demonstrate his ingenuity. He is the man many have come to understand as possessing the insight in knowing when to push forward and when to hold back in getting stakeholders respect the laws governing idle funds in Cameroon. 

They are further saying he remains the man of the moment, given the achievements his well-thought-out strategy at CDEC has brought to the nation.

For many, his patience and demonstration of empathy, through active listening to the concerns of especially banks, giving a period of grace for laggards to align, only shows the golden dexterity Evina Obam brings into leadership wherever he is assigned to serve.

As the headman of CDEC, he has, through unsung consistency and malleable moves, prioritised mutual satisfaction in negotiations to recover idle funds. 

While many in his position usually complain of time, Evina Obam, for many and squarely so, has not just the time but the heart to serve Cameroon at CDEC to the best of his abilities.

Today, what some term as unbelievable achievements at CDEC, under Evina Obam, is said to be the product of a man who has focused his energy in building new development options. 

 Doomsayers had predicted the recovering of idle funds in financial institutions as destined to fail. 

However, Evina has discarded the archaic mindset that things were not going to work at CDEC; by  demonstrating to Cameroonians and others across the world that where there is the will, there is always a way. 

Many say your Personality of The Week simply masters the secret of not just change but positive and electrifying change.

One thing that runs through the public services Evina Obam has been offering Cameroonians, those who know him say, is the philosophy of doing things silently without any hope for reward or praises. 

Evina Obam is a God-sent man who has repeatedly positioned himself through matchless service and commitment to advancing Cameroon’s growth. 

His loyalty to hierarchy and respect for his team members add to the unending reasons he has continued climbing the ladder of success and admiration.    

For a debutant of his standing on this much cherished and revered platform, admirers say Evina Obam has in abundance the potential to further break limits and contribute to moving Cameron forward. 

His place in the national development psyche, some are saying and rightly so, is at the apex. Others say the quality of his service to the nation is the price for the honour he is enjoying across different echelons within and outside Cameroon.

This humble servant of the people incarnates the consciousness of an unassuming man of honour, who knows the place of service in powering joy and inner peace. 

That too, especially for our readers, is what he is enjoying this season for daring and succeeding to write an attractive story at CDEC.

The light coming the way of Evina Obam this season in all the national, Subregional and global colours that go with Personality of The Week, it is being said and rightly so, is a reflection of the light he has created for Cameroon in resource mobilisation. 

He is simply the man who sees every dawn as an opportunity to continue broadening Cameroon’s development drive.

Beyond the national pride he has brought to the nation in making CDEC workable, Evina Obam is a paragon of hope, who is making good things happen, especially in the finance sector, at a time globally, economic policies are failing to replay their importance of yesteryears. 

In his late 50s, Richard Evina Obam has before now given his best in several sectors of national life. His performances all through have tied with his extensive educational career.

Evina read law at the then University of Yaounde. He earned a First Degree and later Master’s Degree in Public Law, from the same institution. 

He later studied at the National School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM, with specialty in taxation. This was between 1995 and 1997.

He also holds a post-graduate degree in Fundamental Rights, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a PhD in Public Law, from the University of AixMarseille, France; bagged in 2013. He is also a former student of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, ENA, in Paris, France.

He had stints at the Finance Section of the French Council of State and the Francis Lefebvre Law Firm. Evina Obam also engaged education programs at the Institut Francais du Petrole, IFP, and HEC Executive Education.

He has served in different capacities of the Ministry of Finance. He worked for 14 years at the Directorate General of Taxation.  Evina Obam served as Head of Oil and Mining Tax Unit at the same time as Coordinator of the Mining, Water and Energy Revenue Program in 2003. 

He is also former head of Large Enterprises Division of the General Directorate of Taxation.

Your Personality of The Week worked as Technical Adviser at the Ministry of Finance, from January 2013 to June 2017. He was later appointed Director General of the Autonomous Sinking Fund, known by its French acronym, CAA. He occupied the position from June 2017 to January 2023, when President Biya appointed him as Director General of CDEC.

For the phenomenal amount of money raised and the tranquility with which it is being done to the satisfaction of stakeholders, Richard Evina Obam, our readers say, has through merit, access the realm of a lifetime achiever of multiple national positive impact and inspiration.



This story was first published in The Guardian Post issue No:3141 of Friday June 14, 2024


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