World Environment Day: Orange Cameroun engages in plastic waste collection.

Volunteers transporting plastic waste from Wouri River

Some 100 employees and volunteers of multinational telecommunications giant, Orange Cameroun, have, through a human investment activity, manifested their engagement to impact society’s collective commitment to environmental issues. 

The activity, which took place on Wednesday June 5, at the Banamoung neighbourhood in Akwa Nord, Douala V Subdivision, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to reduce hazardous impacts on the environment.

Officials of Orange Cameroun said the company had chosen the Day, set aside by the United Nations for stakeholders to lead public outreach, to raise awareness and taking action on the planet’s most-pressing problems, to show the world that they are fully engaged in environment’s protection.

"… we symbolically came to clean the banks of the River Wouri, which you can see have been littered by plastic bottles of every kind and have become a nuisance to the local population," Orange Cameroun Director of Institutional and Regulatory Affairs, Alain-Blaise Batongue, explained to reporters.

Going by him, for several years now, Orange Cameroun has been taking concrete measures to protect the environment.