Submitted for equivalence: Commission detects 22 fake certificates allegedly obtained abroad.

Prof Wilfred Gabsa speaking to reporters during the session

The National Commission for the Evaluation of Training Domains Offered Abroad, has detected some 22 fake certificates said to have been obtained abroad and brought before the body to secure an equivalence in the country.

The fake certificates were detected during the body’s 112th and 113th ordinary sessions held in Yaounde Wednesday.

It was the Secretary General at the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof Wilfred Gabsa, who chaired the sessions on behalf of his boss, Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo. Minister Fame Ndongo, it should be said, doubles as chairman of the said commission.

While 22 fake certificates were detected during the sessions held in Yaounde, 20 others were rejected by the commission.

The Commission, however, granted equivalences to 1,995 certificates brought before the body while 11 others are pending approval. 

In all, 2,048 certificates said to have been obtained from 40 countries across the world were brought before the commission.

Speaking as he chaired the sessions which were opened to the media, Prof Wilfred Gabsa who represented Minister Fame Ndongo, saluted the efforts of members of the secretariat who had prepared the documents for validation.

He however noted that “you are aware that the decisions taken by the Commission would by no means be fanciful, because it is about a very serious work, which has to allow the members of this commission to make honest decisions, and grant equal value between national degrees and certificates offered abroad…”.

He continued that “as a tradition, we have to endeavour to keep the image of this structure strong and tall as we give every file submitted for our appreciation, the seriousness it deserves, considering that these files represent valid degrees or academic entitlements”.

Prof Fongod Augustina in an exchange with newsmen




“For this, as I have already indicated, the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, president of this commission, is sincerely grateful to all of us for our devotion and commitment to the duties assigned to us as members of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Training Domains Offered Abroad,” he added.

Taking the cue, the Director of in charge of the Coordination of Academic Activities at the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof Fongod Augustina Genla Nwana who chaired the secretariat works explained that prior to Wednesday’s session “2,048 files were submitted to us for equivalence…and the files have gone through three sub commissions. At this level, we had to look at the files, checking if there had confirmations from their different institutions abroad. We had to propose to this commission. So now what we are doing is to confirm if the work that we did at the level of the sub commissions is fine and the equivalences will be accorded”.

Quizzed to comment on the criteria used in according the equivalences, Prof Fongod Augustina disclosed that “what we do, is that, we contact the different institutions that issued these certificates. In some cases, they write and tell us we don’t have any information about this student or candidate and in most cases, they will tell us that the certificates or academic credentials are authentic. With our proposal, the commission will then grant the applicants the equivalences they are requesting”.

The National Commission for the Evaluation of Training Domains Offered Abroad, it should be said, is an inter-ministerial forum that makes proposals on equivalences for foreign certificates, academic entitlements and grades.

The strategic body also ensures the recognition of foreign institutions whose certificates can lead to the integration, reclassification or advancement of civil servants of the various corps of the Cameroonian civil service in keeping with the rules and regulations in force.


This story was first published in The Guardian Post issue No3134 of Friday June 07, 2024

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