PCRN crisis: Kona-led faction justifies holding of congress, Cabral Libii’s expulsion.

File photo of Robert Kona posing for the cameras with Biya’s effigy alongside some CPDM supporters

The Robert Kona-led faction of the Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation, PCRN, has justified the holding of its congress on June 1, 2024 in Guidiguis, Mayo Kani Division of the Far North Region, as well as the expulsion of its National President, Hon Cabral Libii, and 20 other party officials.

According to officials of the faction of the opposition party, Robert Kona did not defy the May 21 ruling of the Maroua Court of First Instance to hold the congress but acted in legality.

The faction said it had filed an appeal at the Maroua Appeal Court, through Barrister Dili Gerard, on May 22, and got a stay of execution of the judgment that prohibited the congress that was first programmed for Maroua on May 25 and 26.

The team argued that it was on the strength of the stay of execution that the congress of June 1, 2024, was held in all legality and respect of the laws in force. The congress resulted in the voting of Kona as the National Chairman of the PCRN. 

The Kona-led PCRN is also brandishing a Certificate of Appeal, with serial No.897/GC/CA/EN/MRA, obtained from the Registrar of the Far North Court of Appeal. 

The document is dated May 23, 2024, and signed by the Registrar-in-Chief at the Maroua Court of Appeal, Bouzoune Andre.

The certificate, signed by the Registrar of the Far North Court of Appeal, established that Robert Kona, through his lawyer, Barrister Dili Gerard, deposited an appeal against the ruling of the Maroua Court of First Instance. 

Another document titled: “Certificate of Stay of Execution No. 900/GC/CA/ENMRA”, signed by the same Registrar-in-Chief, equally establishes that an appeal had been filed.

The document also indicated that there will be a public hearing of the appeal on June 6, 2024, at 7:30 a.m.

However, the Bouzoune Andre-signed documents hold that they were established to serve the purpose for which they were needed. 

It is along this line of reasoning that Kona and his supporters are arguing that they did not deride the ruling of the Maroua Magistrate Court, to hold the Guidiguis Congress.

Still in the argument of the pro-Kona PCRN faction, the stay of execution, which suspended the ruling, gave them the leeway to hold the congress that had earlier been announced for Maroua. 

They also argued that given that the ruling of the President of the Maroua Court of First Instance had been suspended, Kona had the privilege to decide the next action regarding the PCRN.

In this case, they insist that the decision concerned just the town of Maroua and not other localities. 


Congress decisions

The congress of Guidiguis ended with attendees giving Kona a fresh mandate as leader of the PCRN. He was also vested with powers to appoint persons he deems fit to certain positions of responsibility. 

Acting on the strength of his new powers, Kona made several appointments that capped the executive of the party. 

Other new faces in Kona’s executive are First Vice President, Vingalsou Isidore; Second Vice President, Bekimdaka Messembe Stanley; Third Vice President, Djongmo Richard and Fourth Vice President, Souleymane Karamoko

The same team unveiled as PCRN new Secretary General, Dinba Kona. He is assisted by Yaya Abdou. The post of treasurer was handed to Tchoupmanga Thérèse.  She has as vice, Oumar Souleymane. 

 For auditors, Kona appointed the following, Domga Ngouna Jean de Dieu, Maï Yang Rachelle, N'wawe Wanhou and Yanda Jouss Felix

Meanwhile the team of advisers released after the meeting showed the names of Libah Jean, Ayole Essi'i Gregg, Temwa Théodore and Modibo Kali Richard. 



Cabral Libii, 20 others expelled

A host of other party supporters were expelled at the end of the Guidiguis meeting. Their crime, according to the resolutions of the party, is the non-respect of “internal regulations, notably its ideology based on the values of truth, love, peace, respect for institutions and the people who embody them”. 

In addition to Hon Cabral Libii, those ejected are: Ousmanou Malpetel,  Boubakari Massardine, Gouane wanie Roman, Wanféo William, Armand Okol, Bitouga, Massardine Albert Fleuri, Garga Waguie,  Gontao Pierre, Ndaowe Honoré Félix, Julien Bapes, Christian Ndjock Nkongo, Max Ekongo, Réné Maccoy Nyobe, Jean Louis Batoum, Franck Fritz Messe, Clotarien Guedeo, Anne Feconde Noah, Nyeck Biyaga Joseph Félix, Bevolo Mathieu, Kuba Aboem, Blaise Kwadjika and Njikam Aboubakar.



This story was first published in The Guardian Post issue No3132 of Wednesday June 05, 2024


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