Personality of The Week: Prof Fuh Calistus Gentry; Interim mines minister.

The Head of State, President Paul Biya, triggered a new era for Cameroon’s mining sector when he addressed the nation on December 31, 2022. 

He had made it clear, among other things, that: “Although our subsoil is endowed with mineral resources, the non-oil mining sector accounts for merely 1% of Gross Domestic Product, GDP. Developing solid mineral mining will provide us with substitutes for our dwindling hydrocarbon stocks and additional financial resources, which can be used to finance our investments”.

Since the presidential outing, Cameroon has rapidly ascended in the global discourse and productive actions in shaping the future of the mining sector. 

The country demonstrated its zeal, muscle and vision to further make use of resources from mining recently. 

This was through the hosting of the Cameroon International Mining Exhibition Convention, CIMEC.

In addition, it also played host to a Council of Ministers Meeting of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States, OACPS.

The historic gathering of May 22 to 24, has become the lever for fresh impetus in Cameroon’s national mining renaissance and attachment to global trends. 

Boosting the transformation of critical minerals locally, the marketing of Cameroon’s mining potentials plus the Yaounde declaration, among other strong recommendations from the meetings which also had investors in attendance, are what have continued to spark joy across the board.

In addition to the appreciable reactions from the globe, The Guardian Post, which remains the undisputed measuring rod for matchless journalistic acumen in the Economic Community of Central African States, ECCAS, has also been feeling the fireworks.

The glory has been extended to our newsroom, thanks to our readers, whom we hold in high esteem. 

They have in their thousands across the continents of the world, measured the gains and branding of CIMEC and the OACPS for Cameroon, concluding that the country’s Interim Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Prof Fuh Calistus Gentry, is leaving in a world of endless possibilities.

For such high assessment, they have raised him once more to the centre of honour, as Cameroon's Personality of This Week.

Prof Fuh Calistus, they have been saying, knows how things work in the global mining industry and deserves honour for using his expertise to position Cameroon as one of such defining countries in the sector.

His finesse and ambiance in doing so, under the guidance of President Paul Biya, our readers say, make for the international applause and admiration coming his way.

His intellectual life, humility and flexibility in redynamising the nation’s extractive industry sector, those who have since been marveled with his exploits in the last few months, say Prof Fuh Calistus shares in the honour he has brought to Cameroon in hosting CIMEC, OACPS and establishing a new blueprint for the continent’s mining sector.

Prof Fuh Calistus, many say, is a genuine intellectual who does not sit in glorious isolation to think big thoughts. They say he features prominently among rising global voices in creating space for not only Cameroon’s mining emergence but Africa’s. 

Along this line of reason, Prof Fuh Calistus is getting a red carpet of unequalled candour, for being a humble and productive go-getter.

Today, Cameroonians in their millions are thanking President Paul Biya for opting to give the opportunity to Prof Fuh Calistus, a celebrated engineer with a knack for always figuring out how to make ventures not to fail.

Your Personality of The Week is appearing this season, soaked in unending applause for not only coming up with new ideas but for testing principles and perfecting the actions needed to make Cameroon get the best from the riches of its subsoil.

While others are pontificating about concepts without anything to show for, Prof Fuh Calistus, an ardent believer in the leadership philosophy of President Biya, commands respect across the board for giving his all in delivering on Presidential assignments.

He is today being repositioned for honour, for adding to his known character traits of humility and loyalty, the new rank of a global generational development agent that marketed Cameroon’s mining potential to stakeholders the world over.

He is a consummate optimist who believes in hard work, dialogue and collective actions in moving the nation forward.

Millions of our readers say Prof Fuh Calistus already has to his credit the legacy of having explained the gains of the Head of State’s interest in working the mining sector in simple terms to get the attention of all national and key international stakeholders in the process. 

On this score, he emerges on this ideal platform, though being a publicity-shy statesman, as an undeniable hero. He is the humble servant of the State and collaborator who is turning the president’s mining vision into reality through fascinating inclusive moves.

This celebrated Cameroonian engineer, for others who are still living the extra meaning CIMEC has brought to the country’s mining sector, has marveling creative energy that make things to work out, irrespective of how complex they may be. 

Prof Fuh Calistus, a dazzling giant in the field of geology, beyond his shinning this season, which is not the first, is further accessing the zenith of honour for his shown shrewdness in mastering the global equations that govern mining.

Your Personality of The Week is this season staring as the man who carries the splendour and genius of Cameroon and pushing successfully for a global spot in vital mineral production. 

His power of commitment, deliberate choice and intuition are ensuring that many mining projects dear to government and the Head of State, are pacing off at acceptable standards and speed. 

They are saying this season and extensively so too, that Prof Fuh Calistus may have been a quiet achiever all his life but where he stands now, even the blind can see and the deaf hear of his marveling trappings on behalf of the Head of State.

Prof Fuh Calistus is a globally rated professional, whom admirers say based on the many turnarounds within Cameroon’s mining trajectory in recent times, is making the best of a magic of expert knowledge, openness and generality to put things on the right path. 

For many, your Personality of The Week, an inspiring and innovative public servant, has taken Cameroon to the epoch of new truths, discoveries and administration in mining.

Additionally, the honesty and incorruptibility with which Prof Fuh Calistus applies in all he does, especially serving the State, our readers say, is what has continued to raise his rating as the days go by. 

The Yaounde CIMEC gathering and meeting of mines ministers of the Organisation of Africa Caribbean and Pacific Countries, OACPS, has produced stream of successes for Cameroon, from which Prof Fuh Calistus’ name will never be forgotten. 

He is a man of bold actions and permeating achievements. Prof Fuh Calistus, enthusiast say, must be celebrated for expanding the capacity of Cameroon to provide opportunities for its people, through its huge mining potential. 

Others are the more declaring that Prof Fuh Calistus has engraved himself in their hearts for awakening Cameroon’s mining industry. 

They further argue that given the serenity and piousness with which he is working, they are certain the sector will continue to stay awake, producing valuable riches that will turn around Cameroon’s 2020-2030 National Development Strategy. 

He is the man who has instituted a new model that is working wonders already for Cameroon’s huge mining potential.

For that, many have not stopped seeing the sensation of a nation builder and exceptional professional who Prof Fuh Calistus is. 

Many have not also stopped expressing gratitude to the member of government for making possible, things that seemed impossible in the mining sector.

Born on May 4, 1963, in Misaje, Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region, Prof Fuh Calistus has tasted success in the private and public sectors, manifesting distinct integrity in the process. 

Before being named Secretary of State to the Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development in September 2007, Prof Fuh Calistus was a Member of Parliament, MP, on the platform of the CPDM party for the Misaje/Ako Constituency. 

He studied at the then University of Yaounde between 1981 and 1984, bagging a degree in Mineral Sciences. He furthered his studies to bag a masters in Earth Sciences, from the same University. 

The intelligent Fuh Calistus Gentry would later jet off to the United Kingdom for further studies. The result was the earning of another Masters Degree in Mineral Exploration and later a Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, in the same discipline from the University of London.

Before returning home, he had put his services in several international companies. This, perhaps, is where and when he went for the country over making money. 

Prof Fuh Calistus was attached to the services of Office of Geology and Mining Research, BRGM, in France and the services of the Uranium Research Centre in CREGU Nancy in France. 

He also served as consultant at Cluff Resources London, Exploration Manager Cluff resources, Geo-Data services; Country Representative of Ghana for IAMGOLD Ghana Corporation in Canada; Director of Mines Company MEDAF, a mining company based in Switzerland with mining operations in West Africa.

Prof Fuh Calistus also served as the National Director of SAITEK RESOURCES LTD Ghana; General Manager of SAITEK GENIE Cameroon and at one time temporally lectured at the University of Buea.

At the level of government, he has led several oversea missions to Vienna, South Africa, France, Moscow, Germany, China, United States of America, England, Canada and South Korea among others. 

Given his record across the globe and decision to return to Cameron, where he has been making exclusive signposts, Prof Fuh Calistus, a mining genius, till date, continues to be a distinct character with unending honour. 



This story first published in The Guardian Post issue No3127 of Friday May 31, 2024

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