On tour of village: Upper Muea Chief pledges to support all peace, development initiatives.

HRM Chief Edward Molinge Nganje during the visit to Quarter 10

The Second Class traditional ruler of Upper Muea village in Buea Subdivision of the South West Region, Chief Edward Molinge Nganje, has vowed to support and strengthen all initiatives undertaken by his indigenes geared towards ensuring the return of peace to the chiefdom. 

The traditional ruler took the commitment during his maiden official visit to one of the over ten quarters that make up his chiefdom.

The visit Saturday May 25 was the first of such visits to the various quarters that make up his chiefdom. It came three years since he was designated traditional ruler of the area. 

Addressing denizens at the Quarter 10 neighbourhood, the monarch reiterated his drive to promote peace and development in every quarter.

The choice of Quarter 10, he said, was “because it has demonstrated its readiness to embrace peace and promote development”.

In her welcome address, Mbonde Rebecca Epossi, Quarter Head of Quarter 10, expressed the joy of her community members for being the first to welcome their chief since his coronation. 

She enumerated the different problems faced by her quarter. The problems presented included issues linked to potable water and electricity supply, hygiene and sanitation as well as the need for the government to build another road to decongest the main road in Muea.

HRM Chief Edward Molinge in a group photo with some of his subjects



She also highlighted some key projects earmarked by the community such as procuring a transformer, throwing seawall on streets, numbering houses, planting trees on roadside, erecting of arain gates, constant hygiene patrols and lighting the streets to fight insecurity.

Responding to the worries of his people, Chief Nganje promised to support the community in every respect to ensure that the problems faced by the community are resolved as soon as possible.

He also encouraged the population to support different development strives in their community including repairing water pipes, properly dispatching waste and cleaning the roads. 

He discouraged rioting while encouraging peaceful approaches in resolving challenges faced.

He further chastised the population against poor waste management, refusal to participate in clean-up campaigns and disrespect of leaders. 

Such acts, he said, will contribute in retarding development in the village. While addressing the Quarter Head and her council, he encouraged them not be discouraged because of criticism.

 “…every leader must always face criticism, thus always expect criticism and applause from the people,” he stated.

Speaking to the press on his third anniversary since designated the traditional ruler of Upper Muea, he described it as three years of hard work in putting things in order in Upper Muea village. 

He attributed his success to the love and support of his people including the traditional council, forces of law and order and the population at general.

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