National Day in Douala: Makossa legend, Petit Pays, honoured with medal of Order of Merit.

Petit Pays after reciecing medal

In a momentous occasion during the 52nd National Day celebrations in Douala, the nation’s economic hub, the renowned musician, Adolphe Claude Mundi, popularly known by his artistic name, Petit Pays, was bestowed with the medal of Grand Cordon of the Cameroon Order of Merit. 

This was one of the moments that drew attention aside the symbolic march past.

The prestigious honour was conferred on Petit Pays on behalf of the Head of State by the Governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua.

The decoration on Petit Pay blended culture and social cohesion in the quest for a more united Cameroon. 

The revered figure in the Makossa music genre, was lauded for his remarkable contributions to the nation through his illustrious musical career. 

The May 20 march past in Besseke, Douala, served as the backdrop for this significant recognition, argued by many to be a symbol of the fusion of art and national pride.

Pundits say the award not only acknowledges Petit Pays' enduring influence on Cameroonian culture, but also celebrates his pivotal role in fostering national unity and prosperity through his artistic endeavours. 

This accolade, according to his fans, stands as a proof to the role of music in shaping the cultural and social landscape of Cameroon.

The moment resonated deeply with Petit Pays and his devoted fans, acknowledging the profound impact of his music on the collective identity of the nation. 

As a Makossa legend, Petit Pays continues to inspire generations and exemplify the harmonious blend of artistry and patriotism.

The National day was celebrated under the theme: "Army and Nation: Together for a United, Peaceful, and Prosperous Cameroon". 

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