2025 presidential election: Maybelle Boma urges Akere, Kamto, Cabral Libii to form coalition.

Maybelle Boma: Renowned culture promoter

Renowned culture promoter and international blogger, Maybelle Boma, has charged opposition political party leaders in the country to bury their differences and form a common front to achieve the much-expected change Cameroonians have been longing for. 

In what the United States-based member of the Toghu Action Movement describes as “My 20th May message to Batonnier Akere Muna, Professor Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii”, she said unity among opposition leaders is primordial as voter registration gains steam across the country. 

In an open letter to the political leaders, Maybelle Boma, was blunt that the time for them to drop their individual egos is now.

“As we hail Cameroonians for their massive response to the call for enrollment on the electoral register, we must do everything to ensure that we block the pores that can obstruct our dream to bringing political change in Cameroon,” she said. 

Maybelle Boma is categorical that “the strongest weapon we need now to win this battle is unity among our opposition leaders”.

She continued that: “Like I have always said, if the opposition leaders don’t come together for a coalition, trust me, the youths in Cameroon, who are actively registering to vote, are just wasting their time”.

Maybelle Boma told Barrister Akere Muna, Prof Maurice Kamto and Hon Cabral Libii, that Cameroonians are highly looking up to them “for the political transition of our country onto a new era”.

She insisted that: “At this very crucial point in the history of our nation, we must not give an iota of tolerance to pride, ego and arrogance, especially in this only chance we have to crush and change the analog system in place in our country. The hopes of suffering Cameroonians are in your hands, alongside the decision to rekindle or kill them”.

In April this year, Maybelle Boma had urged youth in the country to massively enroll on the electoral register.

In an outing then, the renowned international blogger, had invited Cameroonians, especially the youth, to seize the country’s electoral college to massively register on the electoral register.

The call from the blogger came as she flagged off a hashtag dubbed #RegisterYourVoteNow#.

The hashtag is a campaign which seeks to mobilise and sensitise Cameroonians to get registered on the electoral register ahead of next year’s multiple elections.

“Today, I am officially launching the hashtags: #CameroonElections and #RegisterYourVoteNow as part of the sensitisation campaign for Cameroonian youths to register and participate in the upcoming presidential election in 2025 and other future elections in the country,” she declared.

She had said she had “come to the realisation that the youth, who constitute the most populated age group of the Cameroonian population, are not taking their voting rights seriously”.

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