To liberate Cameroon from forces of darkness: Full Gospel Mission equips 16 missionary pastors with necessary tools.

Regional pastor making is opening speech

In a bid to combat the forces of darkness threatening Cameroon, Full Gospel Mission in Cameroon has equipped 16 missionary pastors with the necessary tools and training, in the Ngaoundere, chief of of the Adamawa Region. 

The church, over the weekend, held the 8th edition of the graduation ceremony for pastors who completed a three-year programme at the Full Gospel Bible Institute in Ngaoundere.

During the ceremony, held atop Mayo Yla Hill in the Bamyanga neighbourhood, the Adamawa Regional Pastor, Ngong Timothée, emphasised the importance of their mission. 

He urged the newly ordained missionaries to utilise their divine anointing to confront demons, witches, and other agents of darkness believed to be responsible for the crises plaguing the country. 

Pastor Ngong underscored the need to combat vampires, witches, cults, ritualistic crimes, and other "agents of the devil" who prey on innocent lives. 

Missionary pastors at the graduation ceremony ground

He called on the missionary pastors to carry out their duties with zeal and dedication, emphasising the importance of liberating Cameroon from the grip of evil.

The Full Gospel Mission initiative comes at a time when Cameroon is grappling with various challenges, including socio-political unrest and security threats. 

By training and deploying missionaries to confront these spiritual adversaries, the Christian community looks forward to contributing to the overall wellbeing and prosperity of the nation.

As the newly ordained missionaries embark on their mission, they carry with them the hope of a brighter and safer future for Cameroon, free from the influence of malevolent forces. 

Family, friends and Christian faithful at the graduation ceremony 

Their commitment to spiritual warfare reflects the Church's unwavering dedication to serving the people of Cameroon and combating the forces of darkness that seek to undermine peace and stability.

With their training complete and their spirits fortified, the missionary pastors stand ready to wage a holy war against evil, bringing light and salvation to the people of Cameroon.

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