Fostering decentralisation in Central Africa: FEICOM, Chadian council members share experiences.

Officials of the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance, FEICOM, and representatives of the National Association of Councils of Chad, ANCT, have shared experiences and exchanged views on the progress of decentralisation in the Central African sub region.

This follows an audience granted the visiting Chadian officials by the Director General of FEICOM, Philippe Camille Akoa. They were received March 27 at the head office of FEICOM in Yaounde. 

The eight-man Chadian delegation was led by the Third Deputy Mayor of the City of Ndjamena, Madjibeye Joelle. They were accompanied by members of the executive bureau of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, UCCC.

FEICOM in a note published on its official Facebook page stated that the main objective of the audience was to share notes on some of the best practices which can help to foster decentralisation at the level of the two countries. 

FEICOM indicated that discussions between the two delegations was participatory as its Director General briefed his guests on the role, missions and achievements of the institution. 


Philippe Camille Akoa, FEICOM DG



Camille Akoa is said to have equally emphasised on the role of FEICOM’s support for international action and the influence of local authorities and tools for promoting local economic development.

He equally briefed them on the mechanisms for mobilising and making available financial resources to local authorities and projects and programmes conducted in partnership with other institutions and organisations.

After the several hours of intensive discussions, both institutions are said to taken the decision to strengthen their South-South partnership which they say is an important step in their business.

They are said to have agreed to maintain their collaboration for the benefit of the local authorities for the benefit of the two countries. 

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