Infighting within PCRN: Reconciliation party officials unable to reconcile internal wrangling.

The fight between the founding father of Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation, PCRN, Robert Kona, and the National President of the party, Hon Cabral Libii, has gone messy.

The two who are claiming leadership of the party, are said to have taken turns to expel each other from the political outfit. 

Kona was reportedly suspended by the Disciplinary Committee of the party, on March 20. A day later, he was definitely expelled from the PCRN.

The PCRN Secretary General, Boubakari Massardine, had in a correspondence dated March 25, informed the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, of Kona’s exclusion.

The MINAT boss wrote back to the Secretary General of the party two days later, stating that he could not accept the exclusion of Kona for the simple reason that his exclusion was in “violation of the statutes of the Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation and lack of quality”.

A day after the minister’s correspondence, the founder of the PCRN transmitted to the MINAT boss a list of 24 supporters, said to have been definitely excluded from the party.

Some of the top brass expelled from the party are: the National President, Hon Cabral Libii; the First Vice President, Anne Feconde Noah Biloa; Secretary General, Boubakari Massardine; and National Communication Secretary, Armand Okol. 


Genesis of conflict 

Since December 2023, Robert Kona and Hon Cabral Libii have been engaged in a cat and mouse battle over who to continue steering the affairs of the party. 

The PCRN founding father had dragged the Member of Parliament to court, seeking to reclaim the political outfit from him.

Kona is said to have filed a suit against Cabral Libii at the Kaele Magistrate Court in Mayo-Kani Division of the Far North Region.

Kona said he founded the PCRN alongside Albert Fleury Massardine, in 2003, adding that he needed to take over the leadership of the party to “reshape it”. 

He had argued that his legal move wasn’t a “judicial complaint” but rather a “complaint aimed at re-organising the PCRN”.

The native of Ndoukoula, Diamare Division of the Far North Region, further expressed the view that he has since been sidelined from the running of the opposition party.

Kona also accused Hon Cabral Libii of always taking decisions without consulting him. 

The politician claimed that Cabral Libii has been functioning alone, despite his right of being consulted as an honourary and pioneer political bureau member of the party.

The complainant is quoted as having questioned: “How can one comprehend that since 2020, none of the party's five Members of Parliament or mayors, has visited the residence of the founding father? This proves that there is a problem in the party’s management”.


Cabral’s election as National President disputed 

Kona had prayed the court to annul the resolutions of the PCRN congress of May 11, 2019, held in Guidiguis, Mayo-Kani Division of the Far North Region. 

He had argued that it was a simple meeting with just 11 members in attendance that resulted in Cabral Libii assuming the leadership of PCRN.

Kona had held the opinion that once the court granted his prayers, Hon Cabral Libii would be ejected from office and PCRN founding fathers like him would take over the leadership of the party.

Those close to Hon Cabral Libii are said to have argued that Kona had 90 days to challenge the resolutions of the Guidiguis meeting after the Ministry of Territorial Administration approved it. 

PCRN Founder Robert Kona Files Civil Suit to Reclaim Party LeadershipRobert Kona: PCRN Founder



Political intrigues ahead of presidential polls?

The Kona-Hon Cabral’s leadership tussle has been linked by some, to the fast-approaching presidential poll. 

Others are arguing that it could be a ploy to destabilise the party and weaken it ahead of the several polls expected in 2025.

The party came to the limelight after the 2020 twin polls, during which it clinched seven councils and five parliamentary seats. 

Cabral Libii, who came third in the 2018 presidential poll, fell out with the Prof Nkou Mvondo-led leadership of the UNIVERS party, under which he contested for the highest office of the land. 

He used his popularity to make the PCRN known and has today become a rising political force nationwide. The claim of Kona, others are saying, could result in several twists and turns as political parties begin mobilising for future elections.

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