Barrister Akere Muna gets another prestigious int’l role.

Eminent lawyer and international legal consultant, Barrister Akere Muna, has been added another prestigious feather in his already crowded cap. The fervent defender of transparency and committed anti-corruption icon, has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador of the African Legal Support Facility, ALSF.

The multi award-winning legal luminary was appointed by the Governing Council of the institution, recently.  Akere Muna’s appointment, it should be said, is the first in the history of the young institution that is committed to building sustainable legal capacity on the African continent.

The African Legal Support Facility was created in 2008 with the support of the African Development Bank, AfDB, to support African countries in negotiating complex debt and natural resources and investment transactions.

With the appointment, the ALSF firmly believes that Akere Muna's expertise, network and voice will amplify its action and visibility on the various member countries and on the international stage.

The choice of Akere Muna as Goodwill Ambassador, officials said, marks the beginning of a new era for the African Legal Support Facility.


Akere Muna to strengthen ALSF efforts to accomplish its mandate

The appointment of Barrister Akere Muna, according to the Chairperson of ALSF Governing Council, Stephane Mousset, is a big boost to the institution.   

With Muna by our side, we strengthen our front in terms of our ability to generate goodwill and support in favour of the Facility in its efforts to accomplish its unique mandate,” Mousset stated.

Akere Muna’s vision, network and wealth of experience, the Governing Council Chairperson added, “will not only reinforce the ALSF’s management but also benefit our beneficiaries and partners through the institutionalisation of a constructive dialogue.


Akere Muna pledges to work with commitment, rigour

Commenting on his appointment by the Governing Council of African Legal Support Facility, Barrister Akere Muna, embraced the challenge, noting that: “I understand the scale of the task that awaits me”.

The global good governance icon confirmed his readiness to tackle the tasks ahead “with all the necessary commitment and rigour”. 

“Our unity and solidarity will allow us to succeed in making a significant difference in the protection of Africa's legal interests,” Akere Muna added. 


Akere Muna: Square peg in a square hole 

Akere Muna’s profile and mastery of not only continental but global legal issues, it has been attested and rightly so by many, make him a square peg in a square hole, as Goodwill Ambassador of ALSF. 

A fervent defender of transparency, Akere Muna joining the ALSF, will now embody Africa’s endeavours to establish economic justice, promote equity in international contracts, and equip African governments with the legal skills required in complex environments.

Akere Muna will not only actively promote the organisation in carrying out his duties, but also assist the ALSF in mobilising resources to make its services accessible to member countries. 

With his vast network and expertise, Akere Muna is expected to inspire other leading figures on the continent to firmly engage alongside the ALSF in its pan-African ambitions.


Zoom on Akere Muna’s rich profile 

The Barrister-at-law has a well-established reputation and is a reputed activist lawyer. His has professional experience in many major African institutions. 

Akere Muna is a former President of the Pan African Lawyers Union, PALU, the Cameroon Bar Association, and the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union. 

He is the founder of Transparency International (TI) Cameroon and former Vice-Chair of Transparency International’s global Board. 

The former member of the International Monetary Fund, IMF, Advisory Group for Sub-Saharan Africa and the first-ever Commissioner of the Sanctions Commission of the African Development Bank, AfDB, has also advised many African countries on governance and anti-corruption, including the governments of Togo and the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC. 

Akere Muna’s participation in key initiatives such as the Common African Position on Asset Recovery, CAPAR, underline his commitment to good governance. 

His expertise also extends to fighting against Illicit Financial Flows, IFFs, as shown by his active involvement in the adoption by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, AU, in February 2020, of the Common African Position on Asset Recovery, CAPAR.

CAPAR, it should be said, serves as a continental policy and advocacy instrument aimed at identifying and repatriating financial resources lost through illicit capital flight and flows, including assets from Africa's natural resources, to support the continent's development agenda.


About ALSF

The ALSF was created in 2008 with the support of the African Development Bank, AfDB, to support African countries in negotiating complex debt and natural resources and investment transactions. 

The organisation plays a crucial role in levelling the legal playing field for African nations and their counterparties.

The organisation stands as a pioneer in the legal arsenal of African states and is uniquely positioned to restore a fairness in the exploitation of the continent's natural resources and to assist African countries to effectively manage their sovereign debt.




Landmark achievements of ALSF 

Though recently established, the ALSF has already made its mark on the African landscape, receiving multiple requests from African countries for legal and technical advice and capacity building in key sectors including natural resources, sovereign finance, infrastructure Private Public Partnerships, PPPs, and energy. 

To date, the Facility has approved more than USD 120 million in funding for more than 300 projects across 50 African countries. 

These initiatives cover critical areas such as creditor disputes, debt restructuring and complex contract negotiation, and have resulted in savings and public revenues estimated at around USD 15 billion. 

The ALSF’s intervention have also facilitated private investments of around USD 20 billion, while providing relevant training for more than 12,500 African legal professionals and government officials.

Under its current ambitious Medium-Term Strategy 2023-2027, the ALSF is expanding its activities to deepen the impact of its interventions. 

In 2023 alone, the ALSF accounted for 50 approvals with funding of about USD 16.1 million, encompassing advisory services and capacity building projects.

These actions have led to significant government savings, amounting to USD 14.8 billion, and the training of more than 1,200 African lawyers and government officials.

After an initial fourteen-year term, the decision of the ALSF Governing Council to extend the term of the organisation for an additional fourteen years up to 2036 reflects the commitment to intensify the ALSF support and broaden its impact on the continent.

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