Akwaya Subdivision: Population trails, aacaptures pseudo- Amba General, Ako Giant.

Self-styled Amba General, Ako Giant, who has been terrorising the inhabitants of Akwaya Subdivision, in Manyu Division of the troubled South West Region, has been trailed, captured and handed to soldiers by the population. 

The pseudo-separatist General was captured in Mantene, a locality near the border with Nigeria, while attempting to flee the country, Tuesday March 26. 

The operation, we gathered, was successful, thanks to the collaboration the population had with defence and security forces in the area. 

The separatist kingpin, who is reported to have carried out a lot of atrocities in the administrative unit, is reported to have taken up refuge in the border locality.

‘General’ Ako Giant is said to have been engaged in business activities, reportedly with money he had extorted from the population, through ransoms for kidnapping under the banner of the separatist movement. 

The courage of the population in the operation, we gathered, has been saluted by the administration of Akwaya Subdivision, led by the Divisional Officer, DO, Augustine Mbua.

The DO is said to have called on the population, who share porous border with Nigeria, to continue the collaboration with the defense and security forces for lasting peace and normalcy to return to Akwaya Subdivision in particular and Manyu Division in general. 


‘General’ Ako Giant in his hail days of Amba atrocities


Heads of defence and security forces detached to the South West Region to restore normalcy are also reported to have hailed the determination of inhabitants of the Subdivision in contributing to peace efforts. 

They have appealed to the population to continue denouncing atrocities perpetrated by separatist fighters in their various localities. 

‘Genera’ Ako Giant is said to have led a group of separatists, who reportedly burned down the Mamfe District Hospital. He is also said to have championed the killing of innocent civilians in Egbekaw village in Mamfe Central Subdivision, last November 6, 2023. 

Those familiar with the activities of Ako Giant also accuse him of being responsible for the burning of the Mamfe Bus Station and vehicles.

Reports hold that he also stormed a church in Obony II community, killing several people, exhorting locals through kidnappings for ransom and destroying small bridges to avoid military attacks amongst other atrocities.

His capture by the population has been described by many as a boost to efforts made by Akwaya population to denounce barbaric Amba activities. 



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