CAMTEL boosts women’s knowledge, skills in digital entrepreneurship.

State-owned company, Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL, has boosted the knowledge and skills of women in digital entrepreneurship.

This was during an event dubbed CAMTEL Women’s Day, held in Yaounde Tuesday March 26.

Held under the high patronage of the Head of State, President Paul Biya, the event had as theme: “Supporting the building of a women-friendly digital economy”. 

It was one of a series of activities the telecommunications operator has organised, since September 8, 2023, as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations.

The CAMTEL Women’s Day aimed at contributing to the promotion of women’s full involvement in the digital economy and promoting inclusive digital development in Cameroon.

The event brought together women entrepreneurs and other stakeholders from various sectors. 

The Technical Adviser No.1 at CAMTEL, Francis Ottou, presenting the context of the event, said it had as objectives to analyse challenges faced by women in the digital sector and promotion of digital rights, identify opportunities and challenges of start-ups led by women, share good practices by female digital entrepreneurs, promote insertion of women within the digital space, among others.

Meanwhile, in her opening address, the General Manager of CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, said the general aim of the series of activities that the company has been holding is to define strategic directions for the development of digital technology in Cameroon, and to suggest options for strengthening CAMTEL's contribution in this regard.

“Within the framework of this process, it is legitimate for CAMTEL to pay particular attention to women, whose central role in the development of the country no longer needs to be demonstrated,” she said.

She recalled that other activities that have been organised including: CAMTEL Digital Day; CAMTEL Decentralisation Day; CAMTEL Digital Infrastructure Day and, most recently, CAMTEL Youth Day.

CAMTEL GM, others during event 




CAMTEL executing its mission fully 

The General Manager said CAMTEL, in its capacity as a corporate citizen and the secular arm of the State in the telecommunications sector, is executing the missions assigned to it fully. 

“These missions, which involve the development of telecommunications infrastructure and services, also concern the development of the human potential, of all genders, in various socio-economic and technological processes and transformations. In this respect, we are particularly keen on concerns linked to the achievement of inclusive development and, more particularly, to the reduction of gender inequalities,” the GM noted.

Judith Yah Sunday continued that: “The development to which Cameroon aspires, whose authorities have subscribed to the United Nations' 2030 Agenda on sustainable development, is an inclusive and mutually beneficial development, which integrates the contribution of all actors and strata of society”.

CAMTEL GM flanked by collaborators & participants 



Persistent gender inequalities

The General Manager, however, regretted that “the development context in Cameroon remains plagued by persistent gender inequalities, particularly in the economic, social and political spheres”. 

“Despite the opportunities offered by technological advances to promote people's wellbeing, there are still major challenges for women and girls, who do not always reap all the benefits, particularly in terms of empowerment and inclusion. In addition, technological innovations are leading to the emergence of new forms of gender-based violence, highlighting the need to protect the rights of women and girls in digital spaces,” she added.

She noted that: “It is therefore imperative to establish a gender-sensitive approach to digital development, particularly in terms of digital innovation, technology and education. Among other things, it suggests raising awareness among women and girls of their rights and their civic commitment”.

CAMTEL General Manager, Judith Yah Sunday Achidi, talking to the press



The General Manager lauded “all the brave women who stand out on a daily basis through their work in different business sectors, such as digital technology, which was once considered as an almost exclusive preserve of men”. 

“They are leaving a strong and basically indelible mark in the history of our country’s march towards emergence,” she averred.

She hoped that the event provides an opportunity to define the appropriate ways of promoting and integrating women into the digital world. 

“I also hope that it will set the course for the implementation of strategic actions to promote equal opportunities and the success of start-ups run by women, while offering them financial support, quality mentoring, access to the market and the development of the necessary skills,” she said.

The event, which featured many presentations and panel discussions, was divided into two sessions; Women’s empowerment and inclusive digital development in Cameroon; and women’s leadership and entrepreneurship in digital technology in Cameroon: Stakes, challenges and prospects. 

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