At party’s 39th anniversary: Tombel CPDM restates call for Biya to seek re-election.

Supporters of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM party, in Kupe-Muanenguba III Section (Tombel), in Kupe-Muanenguba Division of the South West Region have restated their call for President Paul Biya to seek re-election.

The supporters re-echoed the call during celebrations to mark the party’s 39th anniversary in Tombel on Sunday March 24.

The festivities and call for the CPDM National Chairman and Head of State, Paul Biya, to seek another mandate were under the leadership of the CPDM Kupe-Muanenguba III Section President, Mbulle Valentine Mbulle.

Like their comrades nationwide, they reflected on the theme of the celebration: “All together let us mobilise with determination and without ambiguity behind the national president, President of the republic, Head of State with a view of consolidating of his achievement of his ideas of peace, unity, democracy and social justice as well as his ambitions for the progress of the country". 

The event in Tombel unfolded in the presence of the Divisional Officer, DO, of Tombel, Nyam Leonard, members of the CPDM Permanent Divisional Coordination Committee for Kupe-Muanenguba, internal and external elite of Tombel Subdivision.

After the festivities, the supporters staged a unity walk across Tombel. It was an atmosphere of fanfare and total celebration.

CPDM Kupe-Muanenguba Section President being conferred traditional recognition 



Section President calls for unity, peace

Addressing party supporters, Kupe-Muanenguba III Section President, Mbulle Valentine Mbulle, reminded them of the need to be focus in their support for President Biya and the development of Tombel Subdivision and the wellbeing of its people.

While underscoring the need to uphold unity in diversity, the Section President thanked supports and the Section Executive for staying committed to the ideals of the CPDM. 

Mbulle announced that he and the Section Executive will be touring the 46 sub sections of CPDM Kupe-Muanenguba III with a message of peace to the grassroots.

He said such actions must continue to sustain the CPDM as “a major player, the undisputed leader on the national political scene, especially on the ideas of progress cherished by the Head of State, paying special attention to women, youths, people living with disabilities, minorities and the most vulnerable segments of the population, eradicating all forms of inequality, injustice, violence and discrimination...”.

CPDM Kupe-Muanenguba III Section President, Mbulle Valentine, brandishing award 



Section President gets recognition for inspiring party leadership

One of the major highlights of the event was a recognition which CPDM supporters gave to the Section President, Mbulle Valentine.

He was given a royal stool fabricated with antelope skin and an ‘Agaradi’ cow to continue to pilot the affairs of the CPDM in Tombel. The down-to-earth politician thanked his comrades for showing him uncommon love.

The Section President also restated the need for supporters to remain committed and focus to achieve resounding victory in future elections.



Section President receives 2023 Grassroots politician of The Year Award

Another spice of the celebration of the CPDM anniversary in Tombel was the award of The Guardian Post 2023 Grassroots Politician of The Year Award to the Section President.

Mbulle received the award from an envoy of the media group. Party supporters took delight in the fact that, his matchless mobilisation has rekindled support and unity among the population of Tombel.

He dedicated the prestigious award to party supporters, restating that he was merely doing his job unknown to him that, he was being followed from afar. 

Mbulle said the recognition should serve as a booster for supporters to continue to work for the growth of the CPDM.

CPDM Kupe-Muanenguba III Section President (brandishing award) flanked party officials 


Central Committee envoy hails mobilisation

The Mayor of Tombel, Rose Ngasa, who attended the celebration as a representative of the Permanent Divisional Coordination Committee for Kupe-Muanenguba, saluted Mbulle Valentine for reviving the CPDM in Tombel.

Ngassa said the party hierarchy will be briefed about the exploits and growth of the CPDM in Tombel.


Motion of Support to Biya

Supporters ended the event with a motion of support addressed to the Head of State and CPDM National Chairman, Paul Biya. 

They thanked him for the efforts made to develop Tombel and the appointment of sons and daughters of the Section to positions of responsibility. They also thanked Biya for the numerous development projects especially roads in the area.


Supporters thank administration for peaceful atmosphere

Earlier, the Presidents of the youth and women wings of the party in Tombel;  Ngalame Conrad and Dr Mrs Ngome Felicia, respectively, thanked the administration and forces of law and order for the peaceful atmosphere in Tombel.


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