To boost interest in country’s culture, history: Japanese Embassy donates books to Yaounde language institute.

The Japanese Embassy in Cameroon has donated over 86 books to the Japanese Language Institute Cameroon, JLIC, in Yaounde.

The books were handed by the Second Secretary of the Embassy in Cameroon, Shun Aoki.

This was during a ceremony that took place at the campus of the institution recently. Shun said the goal is to boost interest in the learning of Japan’s history and culture.

The donation was handed over to the Manager of JLIC, Duran Kouedeu Mbiawa. The ceremony took place in the presence of some language teachers as well as students of the school.

Shun said the donation from the Japanese government is to strengthen the relationship with the Japanese Language Institute Cameroon.

He also said the offer is part of the Tokyo Foundation's project tagged: “Read Japan Project”. The projects has as priority the donation of books in English about Japan to young intellectuals and opinion leaders.

“The Read Japan Project aims to provide readers with a correct image of Japan,” Shun said, adding that, it seeks to drive accurate information about Japan. This, he also said, is of great importance to the Embassy.

The books, Shun Aoki insisted, will give young learners the opportunity to discover Japan from a different angle and in an accurate manner.

Even in contemporary times, Shun said, “books allow readers to think, to imagine and to understand things through words, through very precise sentences. It's about putting things into words. This is particularly important for all of you who are studying a foreign language”.

L-R: Shun Aoki symbolically handing over books to JLIC Director, Duran Mbiawa



He equally saluted the efforts of learners to study the Japanese language. The Embassy official said: “It is often said that it's difficult for Japanese people to learn French or English, but it's even more difficult for French or English speakers to learn Japanese”.  

The books, he said though in English, will help the learners know more about the country they have so much interest in and by so doing, learn Japanese.

According to the Second Secretary of Japanese Embassy in Cameroon, he studied different languages not only because he was interested in languages, but also because he had a goal to achieve.

He disclosed having learned the French language because he wanted to be able to negotiate with French speakers, Cameroonians inclusive. 

In the case of the English language, Shun said, he learned it because he wanted to discuss football with friends. 

Shun also thanked the management of JLIC for its contribution to the promotion of Japanese language in Cameroon.


Enter JLIC Manager

The Manager of JLIC, Duran Mbiawa, expressed gratitude to Japan for the donation. Mbiawa said the books will help boost the learning of Japanese, adding that the library of the institution has also been enriched with the recent offer.

JLIC, Mbiawa, noted, is an institution that aims to give a significant contribution to the scientific, technological, social, cultural and economic development of Cameroon through the transfer of skills from Japan.

He disclosed that 25 students of the institute will be leaving for Japan this April to further strengthen their interest in Japanese language and culture.

The books donated, it should be said, covers the domain of culture, politics, international relations, economics, business, science, technology, arts and culture.

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