At 42nd congress: Bakundus drum support for Biya, crusade peace, unity.

Cross-section of administrative authorities at congress

The Bakundu people in Meme Division of the South West Region spread in some 35 villages have renewed their support for the Head of State, President Paul Biya and a desire to continue working for peace and unity in Cameroon.

They made their position clear during the 42nd congress of the Bakundu Cultural and Development Union, BACDU. The congress took place in Bombe Bakundu village from March 15 to 17.

In attendance were; the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Meme, Chamberain Ntou’ou Ndong; the Divisional Officers, DOs, of Kumba II and III Subdivisions, the President of the South West Regional  Assembly, the State Prosecutor for Meme, the City Mayor of Kumba alongside Bakundu and Mbonge chiefs.

The congress took place under the theme: “Revival, unity and development”. 

Chief Justice Benjamin Itoe who also doubles as the paramount ruler of the Bakundus used the congress to call for peace, unity and reconciliation among the Bakundus. 

He also talked of the readiness of the Bakundus to continue supporting President Biya in his political agenda. 

He reviewed the history of the Bakundu people and thanked all those who have been working to promote the growth and development of its people.


Bakundu Cooperative Union in gestation

Another major resolution at the end of the congress was the operationalisation of the Bakundu Cooperative Credit Union. 

The institution known as TISE NA ISE Credit and ISE NA ISE Cooperative were adopted in 2012 but slowdown owing to the crisis in the North West and South West regions.

Chief Justice Mutanga Itoe announced the putting in place of an economic and education empowerment fund to assist the population overcome the negative effects of the crisis. 

He also said actions will be taken to make sure the import-substitution policy of the Head of State at the local level.



Separatist have made their points, time to leave bushes

The Bakundu population used the congress to call on their sons and daughters in the bushes to lay down their arms and return to normal life. They said separatist had long made their point and now is the time to disarm and go to the DDR centres for reformation and rehabilitation. 

Chief Justice Mutanga Itoe said the government has done much and will continue to do so. On this note, he said children should give peace a chance.



SDO calls for use of mystical powers to get children out of bushes

Speaking at the Congress, Meme SDO lauded the quality of cultural display and republican stance of the Bakundus but urged them to use mystical powers to get their children out of the bushes.

He said the attendance would have been more massive but for pockets of separatist fighters’ resistance in some communities. 

He endorsed the call for peace and unity as the pathway to development. The administrator also hailed the putting in place of a new BACDU executive.

Chief Justice Benjamin Itoe: BACDU President General




Paramount chief issue addressed

At the end of the congress, BACDU issued a release stating that the position of Paramount Chief does not exist by law but has been given to Chief Justice Benjamin Itoe by the Bakundus.

The release also said the title was conferred on Chief Justice Benjamin Itoe during his enthronement as traditional ruler of Bombe Bakundu. The release also indicated that the title is not hereditary and can be given to any other Bakundu whom the people deem fit to lead them.



Call for creation of Bombe sub division 

In a message at the congress, Mukete Richard, on behalf of the Bakundus called for the creation of Bombe Subdivision with headquarters in Bombe to bring administration closer to the people.

Given the challenges people face to get to Mbonge the sub divisional headquarter, Mukete said the creation of such an administrative unit will reduce the stress of the local population. 

He called the role Bombe played in the days of West Cameroon in training statesmen such as Solomon Tandeng Muna and JC Kangsen.



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