AI innovator, Awa Penn, urges Cameroonians to take advantage of AI technology.

Cameroonians, especially young people, have been urged to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence, AI, to empower themselves.

The appeal is a hearty message from a certified diaspora-based AI innovator, Awa Karsten Penn.

According to the tech enthusiast, AI has a lot of opportunities for diverse professionals to exploit for their career advancement or empowerment.

Speaking to The Guardian Post, Awa said anyone, even persons without any background knowledge about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics better known as STEM, can still make use of the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence. 

Using himself as an example, Awa explained that he transitioned from a Master degree graduate in transportation to an AI and low/No code solutions, thanks to the buzz and growth of Generative AI without any idea of tech.

“I know how hard it can be to get into AI. As someone without an idea of STEM, it can be a big struggle, because of the diverse professions that exist in AI. I had zero knowledge in mathematics and coding and always saw it as a big barrier,” Awa cited. 

He added that “the dynamic nature of technology prompts new professions to spring up in AI, which often leads many people to confusion about what AI skills to use”.

He said people can empower themselves by upgrading their skills in any of the following areas; AI research, machine learning development, natural language processing, AI strategy, data science, AI ethics, content development for AI education, digital marketing for AI products, data analytics, IT support for AI systems, prompt engineering, or AI consultant.

Awa Karsten Penn, Google Certified AI Generalist



Going by the AI innovator, the possession of a good computer is an essential part of one’s journey to gaining AI skills and becoming an AI expert. 

Also, he said “you got to pay a price to gain quality skills, so keep aside some money for your tutorial, internet, coaching, and consultations and payment using AI tools such as ChatGPT, Canva magic studio etc”. 

After deciding on what skills to acquire, he recommended that the interested individual may comb digital platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube to liaise with AI experts in the given domain for mentorship.

“Thanks to the internet, we can learn from the comfort of our homes and at our own pace. Explore sites like YouTube, Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, Freecodecamp, and Edx to know what courses they have regarding the skill you're interested in AI, then check the reviews of the tutorials you'll be choosing from the list of existing courses, because this would really help you pick the right tutorial,” Awa added.

“Getting started in AI as someone without an AI background might seem like a huge task, but with the right guidance, passion, and drive to learn and get better with AI, you can get the right results,” he encouraged.