Anglophone conflict : If only government had listen to independent voices!.

The Cameroon government has played all its jokers to seek a solution to the Anglophone conflict that has been raging on in the North West and South West regions. But it is worsening daily.

If it had listened to the counsel of independent personalities and institutions like The Guardian Post and the African Commission, the country would not have been at the nadir of spilling blood and decomposed corpses it finds itself in today.

Way back before the teachers and lawyers even took to the streets protesting against imposition of the Public Law system on the English-speaking regions and sending French-speaking teachers to teach in the language the students did not understand, we had warned in this very column that the "marginalisation of Anglophones was a time bomb waiting to be ignited".

Our warning was spurned by those in power. Then, the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, which at the time championed the Anglophone cause, took the government to the African Commission which lacked the power to "restore the independence of Southern Cameroons"

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