Chiefs, elite, launch SW identity fabric, EYASU.

Elite, politicians, religious leaders, culture lovers and the population, led by the South West Chiefs’ Conference, SWECC, have launched an identity traditional attire of the Region. 

The fabric, codenamed: ‘EYASU’, meaning ‘our own’, in most local languages in the Region, according to the custodians of the cultures and traditions of the South West people, will act as a tool to identify and unite denizens of the Region.

‘EYASU’ was launched in Buea on Saturday, November 18, during a crowd-pulling ceremony at Bong Square. 

The launching ceremony brought together sons and daughters from all the nooks and crannies of the South West Region. 

With different beautiful designs using the ‘EYASU’ fabric, elite, Chiefs, politicians, young people and models, paraded with the beautiful attire during the event, portraying different aspects of the cultures and traditions of the South West people.

Addressing denizens during the launch, the President of the South West Chief’s Conference, Chief Moses Obenofunde, SWECC, encouraged all to embrace the new fabric, saying it will unite the Region. 

“We encourage all the sons and daughters of the South West Region to embrace the ‘EYASU’ fabric, which simply means ‘our own’ in most of the local languages of the South West Region. We expect it to identify, unite, strengthen and make us happy and live in peace in our Region,” Chief Obenofunde said.

The ‘EYASU’ fabric, according to Chief Dr Robert Esuka Endeley, Paramount Chief of Buea, is a bond that will unite the people of the Region.