Failed coup to unseat Cavaye’s Director of Cabinet: Heads may roll!.

Boukar Abdourahim: Victim of apprenti sorciers

The dust is yet to settle over what insiders are now saying are salvos that were fired Thursday November 9, with intent to destabilise the working architecture of the administrative cuisine of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Rt Hon Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

With the planned installation of Kamsouloum Elhadji Hachimi, as Director of Cabinet to the House Speaker, having failed on Monday November 13, it is now emerging that findings have been launched on all cylinders to unearth those behind the supposed appointments of November 9. The House Speaker is said to have disowned the selections. 

Appointing a Director of Cabinet and Private Secretary to Rt Hon Cavaye, using his name and signature without his knowledge, is said to be what is boiling within the circles of power. 

How fake decisions appointing Kamsouloum Elhadji Hachimi as Director of Cabinet in replacement of Boukar Abdourahim and a Private Secretary, Banki Tituleur to replace Dribrilla, emerged and were read on the State radio, is a conundrum investigators are said to be working to uncover.

It is being said that Hon Cavaye is no longer leaving anything to chance. Authoritative sources have hinted that the House Speaker is bent on getting to the root of what appears to be the highest embarrassment to his person in his decades of politicking.

Cavaye and his confidants, we are told, have vowed to ensure that any person (s) who cooked the appointments and got them to be read on the State media, Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV, are brought to book.

With the atmosphere now appearing that there could be a gang up to combat the House Speaker within his political base and at the legislative chambers, the long serving MP is said to be exploiting all legal avenues to get to the root of the matter.

With Hon Cavaye having lamented on Friday as the National Assembly began meeting in session, underscoring the need for the separation of powers, pundits say, it is possible the mafia that is now being brought under control may have emerged from other arms of government!


Pressure from MPs

Beyond Cavaye and his aides pressing for the truth to be laid bare about those behind the appointments of discord, several Members of Parliament, MPs, are said to be also mounting pressure for authorities to act.

Some are said to have labelled the controversial appointments as a stain on the image of the law making body. Many of them are said to have argued that usurping the position of the House Speaker and making use of his seal without his knowledge to make appointments, is nothing short of a State crime.

Beyond the condemnations, some MPs, sources have said, have been underscoring the urgent for the putting in place of a commission of inquiry to get to the truth and inform Cameroonians of what actually happened.


Dead air across the board!

But for a disclaimer which the House Speaker issued same Thursday November 9, distancing himself from the appointments and threatening legal action, no one anywhere has commented on the issue. 

Even the State-owned Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV, that read the supposed appointments, has not reverted to tell its audience if it was misled or not.

With the seeming dead air on the matter, which observers say has brought shame on the National Assembly, analysts are calling for those responsible to be unmasked, shamed and severely punished.

Otherwise, they say what happened a few days ago may set a bad precedence in the handling of state affairs and running of national institutions.


What is really cooking?

Even as heads are expected to roll, keen observers say the divisive appointments of last Thursday and abortive installations of Monday, speak of something cooking somewhere. 

Beyond a security lap, some say the fake appointments could have been made to taste the political waters, grip and knowledge of Hon Cavaye on happenings around him.

In the shadows of the contentious developments, authorities, many are now saying, must rise up to the occasion and unmask those who might be playing a dirty game with serious state institutions and revered personalities. 

For one thing, Hon Cavaye, in his disassociation note of last Thursday, had described the authors as “highway robbers” with intention to create instability.


Business as usual 

In the meantime, it is business as usual at the Cabinet of the House Speaker. His closest collaborators for years viz; Bourkar Abdourahim, Director of Cabinet and Private Secretary, Djibrilla are still in office and going about their duties in a calm atmosphere. 

While many had expected an altercation on Monday with the failed installation of persons whose names were read on State radio, the House Speaker stood his grounds and work has since been progressing unperturbed.

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