Why Fally Ipupa, Ben Decca headlining CAMTEL’s Mega December Concert.

Incumbent telecommunications operator, Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL, will be painting the skies blue on December 30, with a mega Blue Star concert at the Douala Reunification Stadium.

To light up the festive season, CAMTEL has put together a star-studded line up of artists. 

The mother company of the Blue network has put all the means to fly in Congolese superstar, Fally Ipupa, for the most-anticipated concert of the year. He will be headlining the show alongside legendary Cameroonian Makossa icon, Ben Decca.

The Blue Star concert will be a blend of generations as CAMTEL has also lined up the golden voice of Cysoul, who is arguably one of the most talented of his generation. 

Kameni, one of the most consistent female voices in the urban music scene in Cameroon in the past decade, will also be performing at the show while the angelic voice of Indira, will spice and garnish it all with gospel music. 

In total, CAMTEL will be bring five artists; four Cameroonians and one Congolese.

Through this carefully selected casting that cuts across generations with a national and international outreach, put on one stage, CAMTEL is looking to thank its customers across the board through the mega concert.


About the artists

Fally Ipupa N'simba, needs no introduction. The 45-year-old rumba icon from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has seven best-selling albums to his name and has graced the biggest stages across the world. 

The December 30 mega concert will not be his show in Cameroon. It will also not be his first time in a stadium in Cameroon. He was the headline artist at the opening ceremony of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon. 

This time around, he will be in a stadium in Cameroon; thanks to CAMTEL. It certainly will be a different experience for him alongside the legendary Ben Decca. 

The 65-year-old Makossa icon, who boasts about two dozens of albums, has succeeded to reinvent himself and stay relevant, despite the changing trends. 

This has enabled the public to continue feeling his roove while the young generation has been tapping from his fountain. 

Daphne, Sandrine Nnanga, Vernyuy Tina and many others from the new generation, know what it means to learn at his feet. 

He will certainly be rolling back the years when CAMTEL gets him on stage on December 30.

Ben Decca's soft and piercing voice will be accompanied by that of Indira, who has positioned herself as one of the most relevant gospel artists in Cameroon and Francophone Africa. 

The melody will equally echo from the piercing voice of lover boy, Cysoul, who is arguably one of the best of his generation. 

"Rude gyal" Kameni, who has successfully weaved her way through the entertainment ladder in Cameroon, will certainly be lighting up the stage and painting it Blue with her electric performance. CAMTEL has thus put all the ingredients together to make it a spicy festive period.


How to book a ticket

Since announcing the lineup for the concert, fans have been itchy to get their tickets and secure their place on time. CAMTEL has thus set ticket sales points at Santa Lucia and Carrefour Super Markets. Tickets are also on sale online at www.fallyticket.com. 

In addition, CAMTEL will enable fans to win tickets every week. By activating the Blue 1 bundle, customers stand a chance of winning a VIP ticket to the Blue Star concert. 


CAMTEL, the network at the service of culture!

The Blue Star concert has been welcomed by a glowing majority of Cameroonians, who are eager to 'bluetify' their festive period with CAMTEL.

However, the incumbent telecommunications operator has received futile vein and unsuccessful attacks. The pseudo-bone of contention is the invitation of Fally Ipupa to headline a concert in Cameroon. 

However, CAMTEL’s record in promoting culture and local artists is there for all to see.  Each year, the incumbent telecommunications operator sponsors cultural events across the four cultural zones of the country. 

Cultural events like the Gurna in the Sudano-sahelian region have benefited from heavy CAMTEL sponsorship, Ngondo in Sawa zone, Ngouon in the grassfield and the MbamArt in the Fang Beti zone, to name just these few.

These are some major events among the plethora across the country that benefit from CAMTEL’s sponsorship.

In the urban scene, CAMTEL has been very much present. Through its Blue brand, the incumbent telecommunications was a major sponsor of Canal 2'Or; the greatest musical awards in Cameroon and the Central African Subregion. 

CAMTEL’s participation at the event, came just a few weeks, after lining up as official sponsor of the 30th career anniversary of one of Cameroon's most celebrated and decorated comedians, Edoudoua Non Glacé. 

At 25, CAMTEL is proud to be a network at the service of culture and has proven that on several occasions. 

At the launch of its 25 anniversary celebrations, CAMTEL brought in four popular artists as its brand ambassadors: Stanley Enow, Syndy Emade, Indira and Emy Dany Bassong, proudly stood out as ambassadors of the Blue brand.

Because CAMTEL values the work of artists, the incumbent telecommunications operator recently held fruitful discussions with structures in charge of authors' rights in order to establish a smooth platform to regularly pay their dues. 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, CAMTEL will keep priding itself as the network at the service of culture and the network for every Cameroonian.


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