MICEI performs over 3,000 free eye consultations, treats 400 diagnosed with cataract.

Surgeons, nurses conducting cataract surgery at MICEI during campaign

The Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute, MICEI, has performed over 3,000 eye consultations and treated, for free, some 400 persons diagnosed with cataract. The eye consultations and cataract surgeries were conducted as part of activities to mark the 2023 edition of the World Sight Day observed worldwide every second Thursday of October.

This year’s edition of World Sight Day was placed under the theme “Love your eyes at work”. The free eye consultations were conducted in some sites in Yaounde, Centre Region and Sangmelima, South Region. 

A total of 672 people were consulted in Sangmelima while 2,847 others were consulted in Yaounde by the end of the consultation phase.

Meanwhile, the 400 people diagnosed with cataract disease were operated free of charge at the Magrabi eye hospital located in Obak, outskirt of Yaounde.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of MICEI, Dr Henry Nkumbe, the World Sight Day gives an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the eye especially at work places and making comprehensive quality eye care available to all. 

“It is important that we don’t wait until the eyes cannot see or the vision is failing before going to consult with an eye specialist because in some cases it may be too late,” Dr Nkumbe said.

He continued that: “We started our campaign not in October but in September. We started in Yaounde with some outreaches and so far we are at more than 3,000 free eye consultation which we have done in Yaounde and the health district of Sangmelima,” the MICEI CEO said, adding that “amongst those 3,000 people consulted, about 400 were diagnose with cataract”.

When quizzed on why the campaign placed a special attention on cataract diagnosis, the renowned ophthalmologist said cataract remains one of the most important causes of vision lost or blindness in Cameroon. 

The disease being the first cause of vision loss, he stressed that nobody should be blind from cataract in Cameroon a country with qualified specialists with the skills, equipment, and technical knowhow to treat cataracts.