CPDM begins groundwork to renew Biya’s ‘life’ presidency project!.

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, party has set in motion a national awareness exercise, which keen observers have qualified as readying itself for presidential poll before or in 2025.

The national exercise was launched at the Ongola Hall of the Yaounde City Council. The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM, Jean Nkuete, presided over the meeting. 

The exercise grouped the high and mighty of the CPDM party from across the Centre Region.

Yesterday’s ceremony sets the stage for a national tour that will take the CPDM party scribe to the country’s ten Regions. 

According to sources within the CPDM, the choice of Yaounde and the Centre Region in general, to inject the election fever into the psyche of supporters of the party, is given the significance of the capital city as host of national institutions.

Addressing his party comrades yesterday, the CPDM Central Committee scribe, urged everyone to put their gaze on mobilsing to achieve success in forth coming elections. 

For Jean Nkuete, CPDM supporters nationwide have the duty to remain mobilised and give unwavering support to their national chairperson who is also Head of State, Paul Biya.

He drove his message even to public office holders in councils and other elected offices, stressing on the need for exemplary performance which will catalyse grassroots support for the CPDM party.

“Our political party is at the heart of upcoming elections. We will have to prepare for the next elections seriously and avoid all forms of division," Nkuete remarked. 

Except for President Biya, who is national chairperson of the CPDM, Jean Nkuete’s national tour, which began in Yaounde yesterday, will see him exchange with members of the Political Bureau, the Central Committee, heads and members of permanent delegations at the Regional and Divisional levels, CPDM Section Presidents heading the men, women and youth wings of the party, members of government, traditional rulers, members of the National Assembly, Senators among others.

Throughout the national tour, the party has also planned a series of seminars for supporters. Top on the agenda during the seminars, The Guardian Post gathered, is preparation for forthcoming elections, contemporary issues at stake, sensitising supporters and citizens. 

It is also unclear if the party at the end of the nationwide tour will issue a statement on key national and international concerns like the rise in undemocratic change in regimes across certain Africa countries.


Context & issues at stake 

The ongoing national exercise comes in the context of anxiety over Cameroon’s next presidential poll. As per Cameroon’s constitution, the next presidential election is expected to take place in October 2025. The next municipal and legislative elections are also billed for 2025. 

However, there have also been incoherent narratives and speculations about the possibility of presidential election taking place earlier than the expected 2025 date. 

There have also been reports of a CPDM party congress, which some have stated, could be staged at the close of this year. If that happens, questions relating to the future of the party and its choice of candidate for the 2025 presidential poll could be answered.

While party officials continue to speak vaguely about upcoming elections, analysts say the most pressing to be considered for any political calculation is the 2025 presidential election.

For one thing, there are also unanswered questions as to whether Paul Biya, 90, who has been Head of State since 1982, will seek re-election.  The constitution however gives him the right to do so if he decides.

There have been calls from several corners of the nation for the nonagenarian leader to seek another seven-year mandate in 2025.  Rallies have been staged in this light by CPDM barons across the nation, but President Biya has not declined or accepted such calls, at least publicly. 

Whatever be the case, observers say, irrespective of whatever rhetoric Jean Nkuete will be preaching to party supporters nationwide, the tides point to the troubling of political waters for what must happen between now and October 2025. 

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