Back-To-School Challenge: PMUC dishes out 15 MFCA to outstanding sales agents nationwide.

Betting company, Pari Mutuel Urbain Camerounais, PMUC, has handed out the sum of over 15 million FCFA to its best performing sales persons and commercial agents in the country.

The company dished out the financial assistance during separate prize-award ceremonies, organised at its regional offices across the country yesterday. This was at the end of the company's annual recognition award initiative dubbed: “PMUC Champions League.” 

According to the company's management, the structure distributed 15 million FCFA to 560 outstanding sales agents in the 2023 recognition scheme, officially named Back-To-School Challenge. 

Beneficiaries bagged home sums ranging from 5,000 FCFA to 2 million FCFA, for lower and highest earners respectively.

Ndono Ngono Domithilde Marie, based in Mimboman in Yaounde, secured the overall best winner's prize for her outstanding performance as The Best Performing Sales Agent nationwide.


The 2023 prize is the second successive overall winner's distinction which Ndono Ngono is bagging. 

She came through as the winner of The 2022 Edition of PMUC Award Initiative. As winner of the 2022 edition, Ndono Ngono, bagged home the sum of 10 million FCFA for her outstanding performances.

Besides Ndono, who took home the highest sum for the 2023 event, four other outstanding agents also garnered huge sums of money as winners. 

The overall runner-up, Kana Teleghoue Vegeline, based in Dschang in the West Region, received the sum of 500,000 FCFA.

The third, fourth and fifth beneficiaries on the overall classification including Dikum Dieudonné, based in Eseka in the Centre Region, received 300,000 FCFA each.

Several other winners received the sum of 200,000 FCFA each and more, depending on their rankings on the final classification.

The 2023 Back To School Challenge is the second edition of an initiative launched by PMUC to recognise its excelling sales persons and agents nationwide.

The inaugural edition of the campaign, generally known as the PMUC Champions League, was held last year with the overall winner bagging home the sum of 10 million FCFA.

The 2023 edition was organised during a period of one month from August 1 to August 30 this year. 

According to PMUC, the overall winner's prize, which involved a financial package, was handed out to the agent who made the highest sales during the one-month span under review.

All 1,020 PMUC sale persons and agents entered the 2023 competition with over 560 of them recognised in return. The competition is supervised by PMUC General Manager, Paul Louis Tasso.


Compensating hard work 

According to the management of the institution, the PMUC Champions League, named Back To School Challenge for the 2023 event, is organised to promote the spirit of hard work and to equally recognise those who have been able to distinguish themselves by working hard.

Beyond the recognition, the initiative is also aimed at enabling PMUC agents and sales persons to raise additional funds besides the commissions they make from their various commercial activities at the company.

This, the PMUC says, is the reason the 2023 edition was officially named Back To School Challenge, which coincides with the back-to-school period when financial needs generally multiply.


Similar scheme for football betting agents

Besides the competition organised for sales persons and agents at PMUC, the company equally organised a similar initiative for those working under its football betting company, Bet237.

The competition equally named Back To School Challenge had the sum of 1.5million FCFA dished out to the various winners.

The prizes ranged from 30,000 FCFA to 300,000 FCFA for the lowest and highest earners respectively. 

The overall winner received the sum of 300,000 FCFA, while the runner-up got 200,000 FCFA.


Beneficiaries express gratitude, pledge more hard work

In separate reactions, the winners of the 2023 PMUC Back To School Challenge initiative expressed gratitude to the company for its thoughtfulness and kindness towards them.

They also promised to continue working hard in future to ensure they do not only continue getting the recognition, but playing a key role in maintaining PMUC as the leading betting company in the country and beyond.

Ndono Ngono Momithilde, the overall winner in the 15 million FCFA-prize main category, particularly thanked the company for her distinction. 

She credited the award to her continuous fearlessness and dedication to be hardworking. 

This, she said, is to ensure that she gives in all in her capacity to boost sales and other commercial services offered by the PMUC through innovative and result-oriented strategies.

Ndono equally promised to remain hard-working to be able to continue getting the distinction.


About PMUC

PMUC is engaged in horse race betting company. The company is also engaged in football betting through its auxiliary branch, Parisportif.

Since the launch of the company in Cameroon in 1994, the structure has maintained the status of a leader in the betting field in Cameroon through its unmatched quality of services delivered. 

This impact is not only felt in its main area of operation which is horse-betting, but also in the field of football betting.

This dominance has over the years, also enabled the company to engage in bettering the lives of its staff and collaborators.

The company is also noted for its endless efforts in carrying out corporate social responsibilities and several other development-oriented activities even out of its field of operation. 


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